Cheap Veneers: What is the Difference?

Cheap Veneers? Are They The Right Choice?

 Your dentist may recommend porcelain veneers for a number of reasons: to protect a cracked tooth, as a preventative against erosion and cavities, to minimize a gap, or simply for cosmetic reasons.Although  after hearing the price tag, you are a little apprehensive, so now you want to find the best option (or the very cheapest). But there are things you need to know about cosmetic teeth covers and based on that information, you may find that cheap veneers are not always be the right choice. The information for this article comes thanks to Adirondack Oral Surgery, Burbank Dental Lab and Go Orthodontics


Fake teeth covers, no matter how inexpensive require an out of pocket expense and usually, more than one visit to the dentist. You want to carefully consider the type of veneer you choose as one of the primary concerns for both doctors and patients is staining and the longevity of the veneer. This may mean that cheap veneers are not the most appropriate, suggest experts at Adirondack Oral Surgery.


What You Should Know Before Getting Veneers?

There are certain elements you should know about say he doctors at AOS. Veneers are basically esthetic covers used to restore anterior front teeth that have become chipped, cracked eroded or minimized for one reason or another. They are aesthetic alternatives to a complete crown.

When your Doctor decides to use veneers, he might need to do a slight reduction of the tooth or he may not need to do any preparation at all of the tooth. This is really dependent on the material he uses as a veneer and the bonding agent he uses.

Laminate veneers are made of one of four composite.

  1. Feldspathic Ceramic
  2. High Density Ceramics
  3. Composite Resins

Fabricators choose one of these to combine with dental porcelain, and this affects the wear resistance, strength, toughness and appearance of the veneer.

The Difference in Veneer Esthetics

Dentists here at Adirondack Oral Surgery often use composite resins because of their ease of handling. But recent technological innovation has added the application of nanocomposite to the traditional restorative materials, agree doctors at . This contemporary material may come at a higher cost but it does deliver increased esthetics, strength and durability for an increased longevity.

According to many of the technicians at Burbank Dental Lab, ceramic materials hold better color stability than composite resins, regardless of the thickness of the veneer.  The problem here may lie in cost because a veneer that holds a more natural tooth color and keeps its color stability can have a higher cost.


The Bonding Agent is Also  Important Agree the Techs at Burbank

Your dentist will use a bonding agent to glue the veneer to your teeth. When the veneer is fairly new, it is important that you stay away from foods that are sticky or chewy as these could initially pull the veneer off the tooth. Once the cement is completely dry after a month or two you wont need to worry about this though. The Burbank Dental Lab suggests that your doctor use a reliable and efficient fabrication for the veneer, whether it is cheap or not.

As The Patient, You also Hold Responsibility in Keeping Your Fake Teeth Covers Looking Good for Years to Come

Notwithstanding the expense of your cosmetic teeth covers, you still want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible, say the experts at Go Orthodontics.  And this requires some basic care and good oral hygiene practice. You can’t stop brushing and flossing and expect your veneers to look as good as they did when your doctor attached them. “Just as you care for your home and your car, you have to care for your new veneers.” suggests the doctor at Adirondack Oral Surgery.

Brushing and flossing is still a priority as it keeps your veneers stain free and protects the resin used to attach them. Plus, you must remember that a veneer only attaches to the front part of the tooth so you must still care for the enamel and dentin on the back of your teeth, and you can only do that by performing adequate brushing and flossing; that is brush and floss three times a day.

“You also want to care for your gums as gingivitis and periodontis can affect the root of the tooth, cause receding gums and tooth loss,” state the pros at Go Orthodontics. So you want to take proper care of your teeth with 3 times a day brushing and flossing even when you have more than one veneer.


Watch Out for The Staining Ability of Some of the Foods You Consume

Yes, your fake teeth covers are stain resistant, but if you chose cheap veneers simply because of the price, then there are certain activities that you may want to curb, just to ensure that the veneers do not stain and turn a yellowish color. “You can prevent this easily,: say experts at GO, “just continue with routine visits to your dentist and good oral hygiene practices.


Foods and Beverages to Avoid

You need to reduce the amount of coffee and tea beverages you intake. These food products contain tannin which can color your teeth and turn them a yellowish color over time; and yes, they can even yellow cheap porcelain veneers to a degree. Your doctor will tell you, “Veneers are stain resistant.” And they are, however, products like cola drinks, tea and coffee can stain the bonding agent used to cement the veneers.

But what about your veneers? Can coffee/tea yellow them over time, too?

The good news is this: veneers themselves are stain resistant!

All porcelain veneers are stain resistant. But that doesn’t mean they are perfect. While it may be OK to drink these beverages, you want to do so in moderation, and whenever possible use a straw so the beverage, for the most part, passes over your teeth and goes to the back of your mouth.


Break Bad Habits Says the Team at Burbank

If you have a teeth grinding problem, you need to talk to your dentist. After you get veneers you need to work at curbing your clenching habit as it can wear down the veneer. Talk to your dentist about getting a night guard to protect your teeth.

A smoking habit will also discolor the cement and adhesive of your veneers. It also causes many other serious heath issues. So quit smoking soon to give those new veneers better care.


Bottom Line

Are you thinking of exploring the option of placing porcelain veneers on one or more of your teeth? Then make an appointment with Plano dentist Dr. Darren Dickson by phone. We look forward to talking about how veneers can create a truly beautiful smile.


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