Cher Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cherilyn Sarisian is a successful musician. Cher plastic surgery procedures have been successful since she presently looks very youthful. She advocates for female self actualization and independence. She divorced in 1975 and continued with her music career and she also known for her dressing. She is a fashion designer and also a song writer. She was born in California in 1946 and she is also an actress and producer. She is famous for her song ‘I got you babe’

Cher Plastic Surgery for a Youthful Look

Cher did plastic operation on her breasts and nose. She claims that she did them because of the pressure that is present in the entertainment industry for one to look good. Her plastic surgery procedures made her look very youthful even at 68 years old. She has undergone the procedures so many times and her jaw line is extra ordinary. Her surgeon tightened her skin to remove any wrinkles, and lifted her brows to their original position, though they were lifted a bit too high.

Cher also did blephaoplasty, where the effects of aging around the eyelids and eyebags are corrected. Frown lines and wrinkles around her eyes were also removed. Cher plastic surgery also focused on her nose. Her nose is now narrow and small. She has also had Botox injections. She is also thought to have had liposuction, enhanced her teeth, and got a facelift.

Cher plastic surgery procedures also included laser surgery that helped her remove her tattoos. She was one of the first artists to have body art and tattoos and she had an unusual sense of style. She claims that the rumors about the number of plastic surgery procedures are false.

Cher says that after her baby was born, her breasts became bigger and she did not want them to deflate and that is why she decided to get breast implants.  The first Cher cosmetic operation she underwent was rhinoplasty. She decided to get a nose job after she saw herself on a film and she thought her nose was too big. She currently looks vibrant and her skin is brighter. She does not have any wrinkles and her face is very smooth. She has used fillers on her cheeks to make her cheek bones look higher.  The fillers have made her skin free from crow’s feet.

She works out in order to make her skin tighter despite her many surgeries. She enjoys working out and yoga.  She does heavy lifting since she needs to work on her body twice as hard as the younger woman. Cher plastic surgery procedures are deemed to be successful since she looks younger than she is, she chose the best plastic surgeons and she chose the right procedures to undergo.

Cher Cosmetic Surgery Declarations

She has never denied the fact that she has undergone any plastic surgery procedures and this has made many people go the same way to improve their looks.  There are tons of other people who are getting plastic surgery so that they can look like her since they love the way they look. She did the best thing to get the Cher cosmetic procedures to make her look good despite her age.

There is a time when she was spotted with cellotape on her jaw line during an event. This procedure is used to tighten the skin though the method is risky. Since she allowed many people to see this negative way of improving her look, people started to doubt her looks. She should, however, be commended for trying to look good.  Some of Cher plastic surgery procedures are just rumors. She says that she has never had cheek implants and she has never had a rib removed.   The singer proclaims that her cheek bones have always been that way from the time she was a child.  Removing a rib is also out of the question since she believes that it is impossible.

She calls herself ‘the plastic surgery poster girl’ since she is a youthful icon and has benefitted from plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is now becoming popular with more celebrities opting to undergo the procedure to remove wrinkles, get a youthful look and reshape their features. This has also resulted to bad plastic surgery. Cher always looks good when she makes an appearance.

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