Common Breast Lift And Implants Procedures

In the event that you are hoping to have a breast lift and implants, you need to learn as much as you can about it, so that you can get the best results. Surgeons often recommend that patients be more informed about the process, as it helps them appreciate the results. It is also a good way to make sure that you get closure before the day you schedule the operation.

Ideally, with the right surgeon you can get the breast lift implants that will change your life, help you turn things around. You will have a bust line that is more attractive, shapely and proportional to your body shape.


There are normal effects of aging, gravity, and pregnancy that will, in the long run, give ladies a difficult time. This is because the skin around the bust is unable to maintain its elasticity over the years. This is also what brings about the droopy breasts that sag. This will cause a lot of women dissatisfaction with a lot of things about their breasts. It could be anything from the general position, the nipple complex, breasts losing volume or more importantly the breasts drooping. You do not have to suffer this alone. Instead of resigning yourself to the loss of upper breast fullness and being content with the deflated breasts, you can consult your doctor for a breast lift with augmentation.

This is one of the best options you have to restore the cleavage pane and gain more confidence in your ability to interact with people daily without any challenges. You will also ditch the full-support bras that confine your life to their support all the time. Even if you have the breast shape relatively preserved, with the breast lift and implants you can still have this restored.

BAR procedure for Dr. Caridi; Westlake Plastic Surgery
BAR procedure for Dr. Caridi; Westlake Plastic Surgery

The specific goals of this process are to elevate the areolar complex, reduce the looseness of the skin under the breast, correct the asymmetry of your breasts, and more importantly, to generally improve the shape of your breasts.

There are different shapes, textures, and sizes within which you can get your implants. These are either filled with silicone or saline. If you are undergoing this procedure, you will have the implants inserted through incisions that are made in the breast cavity. The implants will then be set under the muscles. Remember that as you prepare to have this procedure carried out, you need to stay in touch with your surgeon. This is important to allow you learn more from them about the procedure and how it will be done. In as far as the procedure for a breast lift with implants is concerned, the amount of drooping that you have on your bust will determine the size, type, and length of the incision that is necessary for terms of elevation and repositioning of your breasts.


There are situations where the lift can be performed only through an incision that is made around your nipples, while there are lifts that can only be done when a vertical type of incision is done. The vertical incision is also what is referred to as a lollipop incision. In this case, it can also be done with or without a scar in the breast crease. The procedure that the surgeon will use should be communicated to you in the course of your consultation with them. You can also learn about any side effects, the nature of the scars based on the procedure they decide to use and so forth.

Remember that as you speak to your surgeon ahead of the procedure, you must be truthful with the information you share with them, so they have a true picture of your life, lifestyle and how this surgery will benefit your situation in the long run, and advise you accordingly if necessary.

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