Concordia Dental Experts Tell Us How to Get Whiter Teeth

Why Isn’t My Tooth Whitening Toothpaste Working?

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You want whiter teeth so you head down to the pharmacy to get a new tooth whitening toothpast. In fact, every time there is a new toothpaste on the market you decide you need to try it out. You are hoping that the toothpaste will give you whiter teeth. But for many people this type of toothpaste does not work says the dentist at Concordia dental


Is this a form of false advertising?  Actually, it’s not.

The problem is that advertisers confuse the term teeth whitening just to sell more product. In most cases, when it comes to an over the counter tooth whitener the promise is to whiten to the natural shade you were born with.  Unfortunately, many people have a natural yellow tooth color.  Teeth bleaching, unlike tooth whitening products, uses ingredients that make teeth whiter than they are naturally.

In the advertising world, the term teeth bleaching isn’t very nice to hear.  So, dentists like Concordia Dental,  that offer this process call it a whitening treatment, which sounds better to most patients.

Most toothpastes labeled as whiteners only have the ability to remove, it just needs to be able to remove food stains off of your teeth.


How Do We Get Teeth Stains

When adult permanent teeth come in, they are a nice white shade.  However, as you get older, says Concordia Dental, you start to eat foods that can stain teeth. This creates a more yellowish tint to teeth over time.  Today, new dental technology allows for teeth whitening products that help remove these stains that come from things like tobacco, coffee and other foods we normally eat. Still, tooth whitening over-the-counter products, only help remove the stains and keep teeth in their original color.

These products only contain gentle abrasives that gradually remove stains. When you are not a big coffee drinker and you do not use tobacco, then there’s a good chance that this type of product will work. However, you must remember that it only makes your teeth stain-free and keeps them the same color they have always had.

Besides nowadays, it seems that all toothpastes have whitening agents. Which means you are probably already using a “tooth whitening” toothpaste.  So finding another one is not going to miraculously whiten your teeth like no other. 


How to Get Whiter Teeth

The experts at Concordia Dental tell us that if you want to get whiter teeth, you need to visit your dentist for a professional tooth whitening treatment, one that is designed to whiten your teeth beyond their natural shade.

Talk to your dentist about teeth whitening options.

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