Cost of Coolsculpting Machine and How to Use It At Home

Not many people can afford to spend a lot of money on coolsculpting to have fat permanently removed from their bodies. Each treatment ranges from $ 700 to $ 1,000 per area. If you wanted four parts of your body treated, you would need around $ 2, 800. The average cost of a coolsculpting machine is about $ 1, 959 on online stores. For the amount of money you would use to pay for four different parts of your body to be treated, you can spend the money to buy a coolsculpting machine.


For the cost of several sessions you can buy a coolsculpting machine and treat yourself as many times as you want at home. When you are making a purchase, you have to be careful with the antifreeze since there are several kinds. Make sure you get one that is non-toxic.  You can buy original machines or you can buy a clone of the machine. For instance, there are Chinese models, which are much cheaper than the original ones. The only problem with buying clones is that the manufacturers do not really understand the science behind the process.

Before you start treatment, there are various things you should first do. Check the heart rate of the person receiving the treatment. Check the thickness of the fat and clean the area that is to be treated. Remove any hair around the area and mark the size of the treatment area.  Apply some antifreeze on the area and paste the antifreeze membrane. The patient should sit upright and the upper body and the lower limbs should be at 90 degrees. Control the program according to the thickness of the fat.


The cost of a coolsculpting machine for home use is definitely much lower than the cost of undergoing the procedure at a clinic. It is also very safe and will not harm you. You can verify this on your own by comparing the price of a cryolipolysis machine with the cost of several sessions of coolsculpting.

Start the machine by pressing the start button. Press the control button and set the suction intensity and when it is okay press the control button in the handle to keep the suction constant. Adjust it until you are comfortable. After about 30 minutes, press the control button and stop the suction. Add the antifreeze. Repeat the suction process and then you can turn it off.

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