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Cost of Dentures – The Variables

The cost of dentures is usually dependent on the problems that are being dealt with in the mouth.  Quite simply sometimes much more work has to be done and there are many types of dentures for each situation and personal case and the price can go up accordingly.  Different companies and dentists also have different charges and denture costs and the price can also change depending on location and reputation.  For instance if a dentist has a good client base of returning customers than they may charge more for their services as it is highly valued and their reputation means new clients know they will do a quality job.  Certain locations may be higher just because of the cost of living or due to a higher traffic area that brings in more business.  There are **cheap dentures** and discount dentures available in certain locations and online dentures are available at affordable prices as well.


Cost of Dentures – Factors to Consider

There are many factors that can change the cost of dentures.  Implant dentures are going to be much more expensive due to the work that must go into them and different problems call for different solutions.  The price can range quite dramatically anywhere from $500 on up to$2,000 or far more, just for the dentures.  Often if there are other procedures involved such as implant work, root canals, or if a crown must be made to fit a partial denture on then the price can go up quite dramatically beyond that.  Typically dentists will simply take an impression of the tooth and then send it off to a dental technician to do the actual work.  Some dentist may have a technician on staff in their office for a quick turn around time but more often than not they will either use a local dental lab or send it off by mail to have the tooth or dentures made by a dental technician who will charge the dentists a nominal fee for the work and then the dentist will tack on about 800-1000% or more for their charge to the patient.  It’s a racket for the most part.  Online dentures actually give the opportunity to skip the dentist and their ridiculous charges so you can send it straight to the dental technician.  They will mail you the materials and impression trays to take your own impression to send back to them so they can create your dentures.  You can do all this without ever leaving the house.


Cost of Dentures – Options

The cost of dentures may vary quite a bit but there are always options available to get the best price and still get high quality dentures.  If you would like to do this locally then try to find local denture companies or dentists and try to get estimates of different prices and compare them.  If they will not give you an estimate over the phone then find out if the first consultation is free, otherwise they are just looking to get you into the office to charge you for a visit and try to sell you on their work.  They will talk very professional but don’t be fooled and ask the right questions.  Not all dentists are created the same, while some are very professional and talented and know what they are doing, there are others who just sort of wing it and are only looking for a quick buck and know the customer won’t know the difference anyways.  You have the option to skip that with online dentures or even locally if you choose.  The cost of dentures is a variant that in the end will be up to you with a little bit of research to find the best price with the highest quality.

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