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Cream for dentures

Denture cream serves as an adhesive with the securing of the dentures in a person’s mouth. Put simply, this cream will fixate the dentures you have, and you will not have to worry that they will slip, or fall. The usage of these creams also makes it harder for food to get stuck in the dentures.

What are dentures

In order to present the features of these types of creams, we first must tell you what dentures are. There are many reasons why people lose their teeth. The most common reason are various dental diseases, or bad nutrition, using of drugs, and so on. The colloquial term for dentures is false teeth, because that is what they are. They are a prosthetic device that is used to replace the missing teeth. The teeth are supported and surrounded by a soft tissue. There are many different designs of dentures, and many of them are made to be bonded onto the existing teeth or dental implants a person has. They are divided into two categories, and that division depends on teeth need to be replaced, the ones on the lower or the ones on the upper jaw.


Basic information about denture creams

As we said, these types of creams are used to hold the dentures in place. When the cream is applied, it can last for a few hours. However, that time can also be prolonged, and it depends on the person and what are they doing in the meantime. In order to properly apply this cream and get the best results, you must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. That is also relevant for when you want to take out the dentures after you have used a cream for them, and also for cleaning them after using a cream for dentures. There are many different kinds and brands of creams for dentures. Mainly, they differ by their strength, and how well they keep the dentures properly placed. There are also some alternatives in the form of powder and strips.

Denture cream poisoning

Many people wear dentures, and that number is approximately 20 million. Until recent years, these types of creams were not considered as harmful. However, recent studies show that there is a possibility that these creams are the reason for some strange symptoms that people have experiencing. These symptoms vary from numbness in the limbs to complete paralysis. After extensive research, it is known that all these symptoms are the cause of denture cream poisoning, and they are all related to a lack of copper in the patient’s blood system. These creams are based on zinc oxide, and they have no copper, so when people use them on a daily basis, a deficiency of copper occurs. A lot of time can pass before a person becomes aware that they have this deficiency. The recommended amount of zinc that a normal adult should intake is somewhere between 12 to 15 mg. Many people do not need artificial zinc, because it can be found in many of the foods we consume on a daily basis. Zinc is the most dense metal on the planet, and very small amounts of it are more than enough.

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