DD Breast Implants Guide

After undergoing breast surgery, most women find that they wish they had gone bigger. If you would like to go big right from the start, consider getting dd breast implants. Once you have decided to have a dd breast augmentation done, here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind.

  • There is no standard cup size

Bra cup sizes differ depending on different brands.  Therefore, telling your surgeon that you want to be a DD is relative, meaning that you want just want a big bust. This conversation should start a discussion on the real size that you want to be. Breast sizes are measured in cubic centimeters, so research more into this.


  • Fill up the implant

Make sure that your surgeon fills up the implant with fluid, if you do not want your skin to look wrinkly at times. Each manufacturer provides guidelines as to how much fluid the implants should be filled up with. Overfilling the implant in order to achieve a bigger breast size could end up rupturing the implant and it could also result in your implant warranty becoming voided.


  • Do not ignore your doctor’s advice

Even though you might want to go big, do not ignore what your doctor says. If your doctor thinks that the breast size you want is too big for your frame, then consider getting a smaller sized implant. If the dd breast implants are too big for your skin, it could result in the skin and tissue around your breasts thinning.


  • Have the right frame of body

Your body frame should be able to support large breast implants, otherwise you might end up straining your neck and back muscles. The surgeon must first measure how broad your chest is, the distance between your breasts and the base width of your breasts. You should also have lax skin that will be adequate to cover up the implant.



  • Consider cleavage

Larger breasts do not automatically translate to a bigger cleavage. Cleavage is mainly determined by the distance between your breasts. The narrower the distance, the bigger your cleavage will be. So if your breasts are widely spaced apart, it is highly likely that bigger implants will not result in a bigger cleavage.


  • Choose the type of implant

The two major choices are whether to get a saline or gel implant.


  • Shape of the implant

The shape of the implant will mainly be determined by your body size and body shape. The two major sizes are round implants and tear drop shaped implants. Tear dropped shaped implants tend to look more natural, while round shaped dd breast implants make the breasts to project out more evenly both at the top and lower part of the breasts.


  • Consider the right kind of clothing

Think about whether you will be able to find fitting bras if you choose big sized implants. If you are too big, you might have a hard time finding tops that fit you.

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