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Dental care for people without dental insurance

Most people try to stay healthy. And nowadays staying healthy is not wanted only because being healthy is better than being sick per se, but also because medical care services can be very expensive. Bearing in mind how expensive can dental services be and how unpleasant the toothache can be, virtually everybody tries to keep their teeth healthy.

Many Americans don’t have dental insurance

Having in mind that a large proportion of the American citizens don’t have any kind of health insurance, and the number of people that don’t have dental insurance is even larger, most people can only hope they won’t have any health problems, especially problems with their teeth, since for those that don’t have any sort of insurance the price they have to pay for having their teeth fixed is simply too high. There are cases when a person simply can’t neglect the toothache anymore and s/he can’t pretend that it isn’t there.


Situations like that, when the toothache is extremely strong and you have no health insurance can be really tricky ones.  Since over-the-counter medicine will only do as much as relieve the pain and postpone the solution of the problem that you have with your teeth, you will be forced to look for other options despite the fact that you have no health solution.

Free and low cost dental services

If you are one of the millions Americans  that have no dental insurance, and they say there are 100 million people like that, all you could do is look for a free dental clinic and hope that you will be eligible to some of the low cost dental programs. These programs are offered in many states and they provide people with no dental insurance with the necessary dental care, for free, or for a very low amount of money. Some of these programs charge a fee that’s significantly lower than the regular cost of the specific procedures, others charge you the amount that they know you can afford, based on your salary and income and others provide you with all the necessary care for free.  There are many people all over the United States, people who can witness how surprised they were when they found out that there are programs that would enable them to get their teeth fixed and get rid of the pain for free.

Free dental clinics in Atlanta

If you want to find a program and a clinic that would provide you with free dental care nowadays, all you have to do is browse the internet. For example, if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, all you have to do is type ‘free dental clinic Atlanta’ in your browser and look at the results. One simple search with the keywords ‘free dental clinic Atlanta’ will show you a number of clinics in Atlanta and the area that will give you free dental care, or dental care at a very low price. One of the most popular and well-known such clinics operating in Atlanta, Georgia is the Ben Massell Dental Clinic. Another one is the Good Samaritan Health Center and Free Dental Clinic, which has its branch in Atlanta.

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