Dental Implants And Braces: Important Facts

Dental Implants And Braces: Important Facts

Each and every dentist likes to create his own treatment plan for the patient.

One dentist might be totally opposing the idea of placing dental implants while the patient still has dental braces for let’s say 3 months, while another dentist might consider dental implants and braces extremely appropriate.

It is basically up to the dentist and his expertise what kind of treatment plan he will follow.

Let’s suppose you are in the situation where you need to wear the braces for a few months more, yet your dentist suggests a dental implant should be placed in the meantime. Then, it is best if you talk frankly to your dentist and ask him about the advantages/disadvantages of dental implants treatment and why he believes this is the most opportune moment.

If there are a few more months left until your braces come off, the dentist might suggest that you get started on the dental implant treatment, but the implant itself will be fitted only after the braces come off. This is just a mater of timing, and it is quite a good solution then.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if in the respective region where the implant will be fitted, there will be teeth movement (adjustment) as the braces straighten your teeth, you should definitely wait a little longer with the dental implant treatment. Obviously, the dental implant will not be a perfect fit if the teeth around your missing tooth still need adjustment.

It is extremely important to revise the overall treatment plan. Your dentist should explain to you the pros and cons of going through a dental implant treatment right now while you still wear braces.

For adult orthodontics, 3 more months of treatment with the braces will not make huge changes, so technically it is possible to work on your dental implant plan while the orthodontic device is still on.

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