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Dental phobia –extreme fear of dental services

Having healthy and clean teeth is a top priority for every individual who is aware of the crucial importance of the teeth as important organs and contributors to various activities. Not to mention the fact that unhealthy teeth usually hurt a lot and not taking care of them could additionally complicate the matter and put you in a lot of trouble. Well, there are few things that you can do if you want to have healthy and clean teeth and minimize the number of dental procedures you will have to undergo to. Keeping a high level of personal oral hygiene is the best thing we can do for our teeth. Still, in many cases people suffer from various teeth condition even though they keep their oral hygiene at a high level.

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Dental phobia – basic notion

Still, in many cases consulting with a medical care specialist is inevitable. But the problem with the medical specialists that are concerned with the condition of the teeth, namely – the dentists, is that a lot of people have a strong, in many cases exaggerated, fear from going to the dentist’s and from dentists in general. In fact, most people are afraid from dentists, but the most severe type of such a fear is usually called dental phobia, or dentophobia, or even dentist phobia. However, the word phobia should be avoided when we are speaking about the normal, natural fear that almost every human being feels when s/he has to go to the dentist. The dental phobia is more common than one might imagine. Up to one tenth of the people in the United States are thought to suffer from dental phobia to a degree that they would do anything in order to avoid going to the dentist’s and three fourths of the population feel a certain degree of fear when they are about to visit their dentists. Avoiding regular check-ups and asking for dental care only when they feel extreme pain is not an uncommon practise, in fact, a lot of people do that.

What can cause dental phobia?!

The dental phobia usually is rooted in a direct unpleasant experience with dental care. But, the level of pain, which can often be measured, is not the only cause of the dental fear, or phobia. In young children, dental phobia is often connected with the personality of the dentist and his/her relation with the patient. Dentists who don’t seem caring and warm often are partially responsible for the development of dental phobia in patients. Also, in many cases indirect experiences and external influences can be the source of the dental phobia. Often, people hear about other people’s unpleasant and painful experiences and they develop a dental phobia. The mass media and their influence may also be a factor in the emergence of the dental phobia in a patient.

Dental phobia and partial dentures

Studies show that people are usually more afraid of more complex dental procedures such as denture instalments and oral surgery.  Partial dentures are often recognized as dentures which can be installed easily and usually partial dentures cost a lot less than full denture. The partial dentures cost can vary, depending on the material used for the production of the denture.

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