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Denture adhesives

People sue denture adhesives when their dentures become loose. They serve to fixate the dentures in place. Almost half of the people wearing dentures use these adhesives. Put simply, adhesives work like glue, and it is a temporary solution for keeping your fake teeth in place. You put the adhesive on the dentures, place the dentures on their right place and you do not have to worry about them wiggling through your mouth.

What dentures are?


If we want to talk about denture adhesives, we first must know what dentures are. Toothless people wear dentures, as a replacement for their natural teeth. People become toothless because of many reasons, among them being bad eating habits, drug abuse, certain dental conditions, and so on. Put simply, dentures are artificial teeth, with the sole purpose of replacing your natural teeth. Some people consider them prosthetic devices. There are various designs of dentures, and almost all of them bond with the teeth (if the person has any), or the implants. There are two categories of dentures, and they are lower jaw dentures and upper jaw dentures.

Types of denture adhesives

A person does not always need denture adhesives. They are only necessary if the dentures are not properly made, they are loose, or cause other discomfort with the person wearing them. Another reason for using adhesives may be the increased amount of saliva in a person’s mouth, because the saliva could cause the dentures to loosen up. In that case, adhesives must be used every day. There are many types of adhesives, the most common being the creams. Many of the denture creams have zinc. Look for brands that do not have it, because using them could result in poisoning from zinc. Another option for you is to use the thermoplastic adhesive for dentures. According to the manufacturer manuals, these types of adhesives will hold your teeth into place for up to four days. However, there is a problem with the thermoplastic adhesives.

Dentists recommend to remove and clean the dentures on a daily basis, because there can be food stuck in them. Because the thermoplastic adhesives are a more “permanent” solution, you will not be able to get the dentures out until day three, because they would have totally bonded with the gum tissue. In addition, they are also a lot more expensive than the cream. Therefore, cream is the best denture adhesive. With the development of technology, many other solutions have emerged. Nowadays, dentists offer the possibility to install implants that will fixate your dentures. However, there are only available for lower jaw dentures, but it is just a matter of time when a similar solution will appear.

What is the best denture adhesive?

There are many brands of adhesives on the market today. Almost all of them have the same characteristics, but also have the same flaws. The biggest disadvantage is that they are all dissolve in water, and the person that wears the dentures then swallows the mixture. Browse the Internet for some reviews of denture adhesives, and find the best dentures adhesive for you.

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