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Denture cushions from EZO

The purpose of denture cushions is to help with the strengthening of loose dentures. By forming a vacuum between the gum tissue and the dentures, they hold the loosened dentures in place. These cushions are mostly used by people who have old dentures, or if they do not fit anymore because the gum tissue has begun to separate from the dentures. By using cushions for the dentures, the bond between the gums and the dentures is strengthened.

The basics


A denture cushion represents a different thing to different people. Worst-case scenario, a denture cushion is a prosthetic device. It is also called a denture pad, and is usually made from a mixture of cotton and wax. As we said, they are used to fixate loose dentures. They are inserted on the base of the denture, which usually interacts with the gum tissue. The next step is to place the denture on the cushion. With that, the cushion spreads across the ridge of the gum. The result of this is a more snug fit of the denture to the gum tissue, and the denture is not loose anymore. The person who wears the dentures can eat without the fear that the implants will break or fall out of place. It must be noted that denture cushions are not forever. They should be replaced at the end of the day. Denture cushions are usually a temporary solution to people.

What to look for in denture cushions

The denture cushions should fit perfectly to your gums and dentures. If they are properly placed, you should not be able to feel them. You should look for brands of denture cushions that provide a more snug fit. There are some brands of cushions that allow you to shape them around the dentures. You then remove the extra cushion, and place the denture in your mouth. You should close your mouth, and tighten the jaw in order for the denture to properly seal with the gum. Another advice is to look for soft liner denture cushions. The soft liners are useful in preventing irritation, or inflammation of the tissue that has been exposed to the denture cushion. You can find cushions for dentures in both lower and upper jaws. Some of them are also flavored, but most are not.

EZO denture cushions

We said before that there are many brands of denture cushions. One of the best brands in the market now is the EZO denture cushions. They are pretty useful with the recreation of the vacuum needed to keep the dentures fixated. As all other denture cushions, the EZO denture cushions are also a temporary solution to the problem, but a very good one. The main advantage of this brand of denture cushions is the fact that they do not give out unpleasant smells, they do not taste funny, and applying them is not hard. In order to properly place them, you first need to wash them with warm water, in order for them to get softer. Apply the cushion to the denture, then place the denture on its place, and close your mouth. Bite down for about two minutes. That time should be sufficient for the denture to connect to the gum. Cleaning is also simple. Just take out the denture, run it through warm water, and scrape of the used denture cushion.

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