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Denture Reline

Having dentures is not an easy thing. It means that they need proper care. The estimated life span of a set of dentures is 7 years. We all know that they are fabricated to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth, but with time the mouth can change its shape. The dentures also wear off with years passing by. That’s why denture reline is needed. This is a procedure in which the outer covering of the dentures is cut off and then replaced with plastic in order to fit properly in the mouth. The procedure is done in a dentist’s practice or in a veneer lab.


Denture reline procedures

Denture reline is a cheaper variant of getting new dentures. It is done to assure a convenient feeling in the mouth by fitting the dentures to the new conditions. Three types of denture reline are available, depending on the patient’s special needs. Dentists recommend doing hard reline regularly, in two or three years’ time. Hard reline is done in a lab because it is a specific procedure. The component used is acryl and it is identical with the one used to fabricate your dentures. If you have sensitive gums and you feel a lot of pain, you should consider soft reline. Another soft component is used in the process that needs to be changed often. There is also temporary reline that is used as a remedy for the caused swellings of wearing dentures for a long period of time. The most common procedures are hard reline and soft reline. The procedure can be done either in an office or in a laboratory. This is a fast and easy procedure, since the reline is done in front of the patient and it is put in the mouth of the patient right away. The other procedure involves making an imprint of the gums and sending it to the laboratory for additional processing with acryl.

Hard reline

Hard reline is probably the best and most recommended type of reline denture. It is a procedure done in a lab, with a component named acryl. It is basically getting new dentures that fit perfectly in your mouth without much trouble. It gives great results and it is long lasting. Dentists suggest to every person with a set of dentures to consider hard reline every two years. You won’t regret it, as you will be able to eat and smile properly again. The only negative side of a hard reline is the fact that you will have to wait for the lab to finish your dentures for a period of time, meaning that you will be without dentures in the meantime.

Soft reline

The preferred reline for patients with sensitive gums is soft reline. It is a procedure of relining with soft components. It can be done in the office or in a laboratory as well. However, it is not that successful and long lasting as a hard reline. If it is done in the office, it lasts for a short period of time. If it is a laboratory soft reline may last up to a year.

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