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Dentures and denture implants

When a person has lost his/her natural teeth there are few choices. Of course, being toothless is no solutions for anyone, so other options are usually considered. Most people for dentures as substitutes for their original teeth. Dentures are not a very expensive solution and many people choose them, especially if they are upgraded with denture implants.

What are denture implants?!

Many people that have lost their original teeth decide that denture implants are the best possible solution for their problem. Dental implants are usually produced from certain metals, or other materials that are tolerated by the body, so that they can cause no problems.


The most common material used for producing dental implants is the titanium, one of the strongest metals and it has similar characteristics as the tooth root. These dental implants are, in fact an addition to the dentures, and they are one of the most natural solutions. They are designed in a manner that makes you feel virtually as there is no difference between the installed implants and your natural teeth. And with the advances and the improvements of the dental technology it is very easy to have dental implants installed. The usual procedure involves a short operation, which is conducted under anesthetic. With this procedure the implant is placed directly inside the bone and it unites with it painlessly.

Taking care of your dentures

Taking care for your dentures after you had them installed on the denture implants is not very difficult. Of course, you’ll have to clean them as you would clean your original teeth, since plaque and tartar can emerge on dentures as well as on natural teeth. In addition, you’ll have to brush the dentures using denture cream. And, since you won’t be carrying your dentures during the night, you are supposed to keep them in a special solution in order to clean them from any possible stains.  Sleeping with your dentures will decrease their lifespan. Of course, it is normal that you don’t want people to see you without your dentures, but make sure that you take them out when you are alone. Remember that you are helping yourself by doing so! Now, things get a bit more complicated if you have both your own teeth and dentures at the same time. If this is the case, make sure that you remove the dentures while you are brushing your natural teeth and that your natural teeth are not in touch with the creams or the solutions that you use for your dentures. Dentures are known to be fragile, so try not to drop them, because they might break. Regular check-ups and exams are a must for people that have dentures.

Denture implants cost

Of course, having in mind the fact that denture implants are considered to be a quite expensive option, it is only natural that many people wonder how much denture implants cost. There is no one fixed and predetermined price, and how much would denture implants cost depends on the type of the implants and the amount of material used, and finally it is up to the dentist and the clinic to decide how much would he/she/they charge for the services, but it can be said that usually the cost is not lower than twelve and not higher than fifteen thousand dollars.

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