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Dentures Prices

Dentures are dental appliances that replace your missing teeth. They are prosthetic teeth that are attached to a supporting structure. Dentures are convenient because they are removable, and you can take them off at night, to clean them or whenever you want. Dentures prices may differ in terms of what material is used to make them. Dentures made with traditional plastic prosthetic teeth are the most affordable. However, even if the dentures are made of expensive porcelain they will still cost less than implants.

Dentures prices


Dentures are removable dental appliances that look and function like natural teeth and they are definitely more affordable than dental implants. Dentists recommend dentures to people that lost their teeth and are worried about the loss of functionality and aesthetics. Dentures should respond to their needs. Dentures prices vary considerably according to the dentist, the type of dentures and the geographical location. Factors that can have an effect on the price of the dentures may involve the area where you live, the type of dentures you want to acquire, your dentist and the quality of dentures you will choose. Full dentures are manufactured to replace the whole set of teeth, the entire mouth, or only the upper jaw, or the lower jaw. There are partial dentures as well, that are designed for people that have lost only a few teeth.

How the quality can influence the dentures prices

The quality of the dentures is very important factor in the setting of the price. That is the main determinant to the dentures prices. Good quality dentures affect the comfort and appearance, plus the cost. There are high end dentures that include a great deal of dental artistry and use materials that simulate a natural color and look of the teeth and gums to the highest possible level. The teeth are made from composite acrylic resins. They are designed to be long lasting and have a warranty against cracking and chipping. Their cost is from 1000 to 5000 dollars for a full set. Mid range dentures have many similar features like high end dentures, but a lower level of artistry and a limited warranty. They may cost 100 dollars for a full set. Low end dentures cost for example 300 dollars, but there is a big difference in terms of longevity, appearance and comfort. If you look for a temporary solution, this may be the most cost effective choice.

Financing and dentures prices

The first thing you should do if you plan to solve your missing teeth problem with dentures, is to consult your dentist to determine what type of dentures you need and what their price will be. Dentures prices may vary, so ask the dentist what options you have about financing. Your dentist may operate with Care Credit. It is similar to a credit card, and you can receive a credit up to 25.000 dollars for your dentures. You should not feel restricted and you can choose the dentures that suit you individual needs best.

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