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It is great if you can keep your real teeth forever. However, if something happens and you start to lose them, you will have to look for solutions. A good solution is getting dentures, but the market is expanding, so you might first want to know what options and what kind of dentures there are. In order to continue your life with confidence and eat normally, you have to choose the most appropriate kind of dentures for you. The one with you can laugh all day without worrying about how your smile looks and the one that will chew your food like never before. If you plan to obtain dentures soon, you have to be familiar with the different kinds of dentures. With the fast pace of the technology, in the future there may be many other types of dentures.


Standard dentures

Among the types of dentures, the standard or complete dentures are the most common ones. These dentures are the best solution if you miss all your teeth in your upper or lower jar. If you miss all your teeth in both arches, you will get a full denture. Immediate dentures are placed when you wait for the healing process to finish before placing the standard dentures. They are not painful at all, because their purpose is to reduce the pain in the mouth.

Partial dentures

Another big player among the types of dentures are the partial dentures, obtained by patient that have a few teeth and some missing ones and they want to fill their arch with teeth completely.  You may choose from different materials, types of fabrication and aesthetic value. Partial dentures are very convenient and may be even unnoticeable; everyone will think that those are your real teeth. In some other cases healthy teeth may be taken off to make room for the dentures, but with partial dentures you don’t have to worry. Your healthy teeth will remain to maintain extra support. And at the same time the dentures will be maintaining the real teeth as well. You will be full of confidence, your visual appearance will improve and you will eat easily. There is another type that is called overdenture. This type can be easily removed; it is placed over existing teeth. Ask your dentist for an advice. He or she may decide for your best if getting an overdenture is what you really need.

 Dentures cost

The cost of the dentures varies from pretty low to very high, counting on the fact that there are many different types of dentures on the market. The best thing to do is to consult your dentist that will be glad to assist you in choosing the most appropriate type that corresponds with your demands and finances. You should also keep in mind that when it comes to your health, you have to look for the best, even if it is a bit expensive, because preserving the functions of your mouth are more important than everything else. Just look at given solutions and choose the one that you think that fulfils all your demands.

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