Determining Your Candidacy For Breast Augmentation Before After Operation

One of the most important things that patients will tend to look forward to as they prepare for their operation is how soon they will be able to get back to their normal lives. You have to take note of the fact that breast augmentation before after is a delicate process, and because of this reason you should not rush yourself into anything that you want to do just yet.

Any other activity that you want to resume should be done only after you have received a clean bill of health from your surgeon. This is also because breast augmentation before might leave you weak, and apart from that, you do not want to exert undue pressure on the implants before they hold in place properly.


There are patients that recover from the medical facility where they have been operated on, or a hotel that is recommended by their surgeons. There are also other patients who go on to recover from home. Whichever the case, you will still be given some specific instructions on how you will take care of yourself. Remember that the first few hours after the surgery are crucial to the success of this process, so you have to be really keen, and follow the instructions that you have been provided.

In order for you to get back on your feet as soon as possible, you need to make sure you heed the doctor’s advice, which will also speed up the recovery process. Take your medicine as you have been instructed, whether they are oral prescriptions or if they are to be applied. By all means possible, do not skip the follow-up sessions with your surgeon.

The first 24 – 48 hours could be difficult for you, but if you have someone around, things will be much easier. The next few days are also crucial, though you will still have reduced activity. After/during that period, you will experience some swelling and/or soreness, which should pass in a matter of weeks. During these weeks you are going to be in touch with your surgeon, and they will advise you on the right moment to get back to your normal activity level.


How do I determine whether I am a successful candidate for this procedure?

There are so many people who have thought about the prospect of breast augmentation before after and quite a number have gone through with it. You have to have a clear conscience before you attempt this. Remember that this is a life-changing procedure, so you must make sure you are well aware of what you want before you commit to it.

There is a mistake that some women make, where they choose to go through breast augmentation after because someone else wants them to, or because they have seen the results for someone else. These are situations that could spur you to consider augmentation, but do not forget that in the long run, it is all about you, and no one else.

This is a procedure that is of a personal nature, and because of the same, you should make sure you do it only for yourself, and not because someone else wants you to do it. That being said, there are some conditions that should be on your checklist to determine whether you are a successful candidate for augmentation.

Of course, your doctor has to pass you for a clean bill of health before you consider this procedure. However, even before you see your doctor, the following are some of the things that you will need to look at, as you try to ensure you are clear to have augmentation performed.


Health Status: You must be physically healthy before you can be considered for this procedure. This is important, also to ensure that you do not run the risk of gambling with your health. Your doctor will carry out a number of screening tests to make sure you are indeed ready for this, and your body can handle it.

Expectations: What do you really want to get as a breast augmentation candidate after surgery? Of course, there are so many women who would want to either reduce or increase their breast size for one reason or the other. For a fact, your doctor has to make sure that your expectations are realistic. It is their duty to advise you accordingly and if you are on the same page with the doctor in terms of your expectations for the breast augmentation before after the surgery, then you can be passed as a successful candidate for the procedure.

Full development: Are your breasts fully developed? You will only be allowed to have augmentation when your breasts have achieved full development. This is also something that you will notice when having implants, with each of them being FDA approved for women of a certain age category and above.

Discomfort: There are women who are bothered that their breasts are too small. If you are uncomfortable with your breast size, you could, in fact, be a good candidate for this procedure. You will, of course, have to satisfy other conditions before you can be considered a successful candidate for augmentation.

Some of the other reasons that could make you uncomfortable with your breasts other than being too small include the prospect of your breasts losing shape or volume immediately after your pregnancy, aging or weight loss.

There are also ladies who are worried that the upper section of their breasts seems to be empty. In this case, augmentation will help in adding some fullness, making the breasts firmer, and giving them a satisfactory appearance.

Asymmetry: If one of your breasts is visibly larger than the other, this could make life difficult for you. It normally affects the confidence levels for a lot of women and in such a scenario, you can consider breast augmentation before after to help you have identical breasts.

You might also have one or both of your breasts failing to develop naturally. Other than that, you can also be considered a good candidate for breast augmentation results in the event that your breasts have an elongated shape that you want to rectify.

For a lot of patients, it is, in fact, helpful for them to have a look at some of the augmentation photos. These are taken by the surgeon on the patients that they have operated on in the past. From these photos, the patient can see what the doctor can do, to gauge what they should expect as they recover. Such will also help in managing your expectations and assist in making your choice on whether or not you should have surgery carried out in the first place.

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