Looking At Before and After Boob Jobs Photos

Every woman’s dream is to be more confident and to feel more beautiful. That is why a lot of women undergo breast enhancement procedures. However, most women do not like to disclose that they have undergone the procedure. If you are interested in knowing whether someone has indeed undergone a breast procedure or not, here is what you can do.


  • Look at nude before and after boob jobs. Looking at women who have on bikinis or bras will not give you a true picture of the state of their breasts. This is because the bra will give them extra padding, a lift and even hide any surgery scars that they might have. You have to see the bare breasts and have a head on view of it and not sideways view.


Ideally, you want your before and after breast enlargement images to look as natural as possible. Natural looking boob jobs have the following characteristics


  • The breast should have a gentle looking slope.
  • The breast should project forwards towards the nipple.
  • The nipple should be located on the most projected part of the breast
  • A large volume of the implant should be located on the lower half of the breast


If you want to achieve results that are as natural looking as possible, a great deal of preparation has to be done.

  • The implant should aim to build on your already existing breast instead of trying to build a new one from scratch.
  • Choose a breast size that fits your natural body size. This will make your overall profile look more proportional and structured. When your before and after boob jobs photos are compared, you will look better in your after photos.
  • Have breast massages, so as to encourage your breasts not to sit so high up in your chest.
  • Opt for a tear drop shaped implant, so as to give your breasts more shape. You will see a big difference in your before and after breast augmentation.

On the other hand, the fake look is in, so you do not have to strive to go for the natural look. Since a lot of celebrities have done boob jobs, having fake looking breasts is now fashionable, as more and more people are coming out and not hiding the fact that they got a boob job.


Here are some things you can do to ensure a fake boob job look:

  • Go for an implant size that will make your breasts appear to be larger in comparison to the rest of your body when looking at before and after boob jobs photos. This means going for a big cup size.
  • Your breasts should be positioned high above your chest. To achieve this, do not undergo breast massage, since the massage will cause the breasts to go lower up to the mid-level of your arm.
  • A round cleavage that is bubbly before and after breast surgery photos will be achieved by having the implant placed above the breast muscle.

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