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Discover Some of the Top Fat Free Vegan Diet Suggestions

Naturally, vegans are advantaged by the fact that their diet is almost fat-free. A typical fat free vegan diet or recipe doesn’t expose them to cholesterol. In addition, the recipes have lower calories because they comprise vegetables. In essence, this means that vegans have little chances of developing heart diseases unlike individuals who eat meat and animal products as part of their normal diet. If you are a vegan and what to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you will be glad to know that there are so many recipes that you can try out at any time. We shall just highlight briefly some of the ones that you should try out.


Cabbage Soup- if you are looking for a wholly fat free vegan recipe then you should try out the vegan cabbage soup. This vegetable recipe has lower calories. Besides that, it is also healthy and comes with a rich flavor when some hot sauce and fresh herbs are added into it. To make it even more tasteful, you should add cilantro which makes all the difference.

Zucchini- is another fat free and high fiber recipe that meets the dietary needs of vegans really well. There are various ways of preparing this recipe specifically for vegans and vegetarians. For a healthy and low fat entrée, this meal should be served with brown rice or any other whole grain of your choice.

Indian Vegetable Curry- if you are looking for a relishing recipe then you won’t miss the fat free vegan Indian vegetable curry which is cooked in a crockpot. Like the two foregoing recipes, this meal is also free of fat and it has the rich blend of Indian aroma which fills the home.

Wheat berry & vegetable chilli- amazingly, these recipes have less than 1 gram of fat and they are also lower in calories. It purely features vegetables and totally no fat. If you are watching your weight or want to lower fat build up then you should go with this diet.

Mango Salsa & Peaches- this combination of fruity recipes brings the sweet taste of mango and peaches to the table. It is also combined with onions and garlic to improve its taste. It is low in calories and fat and equally tasteful for vegans.

Apple Banana Muffins- this is an awesome blend of recipe for vegans who want a rich supply of moisture plus healthy fiber from the fruits. It is also fat free and has no calories. This is one of the best servings for breakfast if you are looking to maintain the fat free vegan lifestyle.

Spring Rolls- the Thai style rolls are easy to prepare and there is no need to cook. It should be served with dipping sauce when ready. As a typical vegan diet, it has about ½ a gram fat content. They are also low in calories which mean they are also healthy. You can serve them for breakfast along with other healthy fruity servings.

This is just a brief highlight of some of the recipes which you ought to try out; anyway, you have the freedom to explore other options which you are comfortable with.

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