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Do doggy dentures exist?

If your dog has lost a lot of its teeth, you might be wondering if there are doggy dentures available for purchase. Unfortunately, so far there aren’t any. Your dog could still live and eat without problem by eating soft or liquid foods so let’s learn more about how can your toothless dog live without any dog dentures.

Do doggy dentures exist?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to find any high quality or functional doggy dentures these days. Pedigree has offered a comedic relief application in which you can put different kinds of doggy dentures on different types of dogs, add a voice acting audio which will initiate real lip movement of the dog you’ve put the dentures on so you can share that with your friends on Facebook or other social networks. While this is pretty amusing, it really doesn’t give you much free roam or freedom considering there are only about five of doggy dentures available and only a few different dogs to choose from. Voice acting however is available in nine variations. As fun as this may be, it obviously isn’t offering any serious solutions for the dental problems of your dog, even though it’s hosted by a serious pet company.


Doggy dentures aren’t really necessary
It’s very unlikely that your dog will have dental problems, as this is an animal we’re talking about and their oral bacteria is very efficient in their working, so any tartar build up is taken care of fairly quickly. Perhaps you’ve heard about dogs having cleaner mouths than humans, and this is actually, completely true. Doggy dentures in that sense represent a comedic relief and represent a parody of those annoying commercials for human dentures, with over emphasized size and brightness of that kind of teeth. Your dog will find it more useful and entertaining to chew on some purpose built sticks that are elastic and give proper natural additional cleaning and hygiene to your dog’s teeth, other than doggy dentures, which don’t actually do anything, and don’t even exist, but if you think about it, doggy dentures would have absolutely no purpose at all on a dog.


Your dog would have lots of trouble adapting to his new teeth, grinding them, biting his tongue all the time and so on. If your dog really lost all of its teeth, you should simply transfer to soft foods and let nature take its course. Teeth are given a lot of attention generally, as they represent the state of health the person is in, financial status and so on. It’s no wonder that doggy dentures are used a lot in the movie industry and you’ll notice that, in cartoons, all the richer dogs have very bright and big doggy dentures. Think about that for a second, would you really like your dog to be the Paris Hilton of doggy world? We should work and focus on having all the doggy dentures banned for eternity.

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