Does A Fat Freezing Procedure At Home Work?

You may have heard of Cryolipolysis or simply the process of freezing away excess body fat in simple terms. The procedure is also known as CoolSculpting. It is a popular procedure that has even been featured in the Dr. Oz show. Basically, researchers discovered that fat cells cannot stand extreme cold temperatures and freezing really does eliminate the lipocytes. It was also found that fat cells die off faster than nerves and normal tissue cells.

This means at a certain freezing temperature, fat cells undergo a spontaneous death without affecting skin and nerves. There are many specialist hospitals and clinics performing this procedure in many cities. It is a safe non-invasive procedure that gives positive results after a few sessions. However, the question often posed by people with a busy lifestyle and hardly any time for clinical sessions is, can a fat freezing procedure at home really work?


CoolSculpting at home

There are a number of DIY CoolSculpting products in the market today promising to provide you with the same results as clinical procedures do. These are mainly body shaping wraps that come with fat freezing technology to assist you reduce body fat from the comforts of your home. They are flexible and reusable.

The unique procedure can easily be accomplished in the privacy of your home without the need for needles, pills, or any other complex clinical procedure. All you need is a fat freezing kit. The kits feature an intense cooling lotion that chills your skin before you proceed to apply custom cooling packs to your body that come in a specially designed belt.

Is it safe?

Products used in a fat freezing procedure at home should ideally be approved by the FDA for safety and other health related considerations. However, applying your own DIY CoolSculpting procedures may have side effects depending on how you are actually the ice packs around your body. You may develop numbness or freezing discomforts when you apply ice directly to your skin. Your best option if you are interested in trying this procedure at home is purchase a tried and tested domestic fat freezing product from a reputable manufacturer.

Freezing away fat at home should however not be considered as a replacement for exercise and healthy diet. The process simply reduces the amount of fat cells in a specific area rather than provide an overall body fat reduction as healthy diets and exercise do.


Does DIY fat freezing procedure provide the same results as a clinical procedure?

It all depends on the product you are using. However, commercial fat freezing techniques performed at clinics tend to remove fat at a more constant rate than DIY procedures. This is mainly because the entire process at a commercial clinic is controlled using the best equipment and is also done by people skilled in the field. Home fat freezing procedures may not be as effective as commercial procedures but they are ideal for a busy person who would barely get time to visit a clinic for fat freezing sessions. DIY CoolSculpting is also cheaper than having the procedure done at a clinic.      

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