Does Freezing Body Fat At Home Really Work?

Obesity has reached a point where we can term it as a global epidemic. Every year, at least 2.8 million people are dying due to obesity. Freezing body fat at home is an effective way that will help us shed unwanted body weight and excessive fat by learning to how to freeze fat cells at home. In fact, most people are ashamed of their body fat. It makes their self-confidence slack and their clothes fit badly. Obesity has also increased the risk of many diseases including heart failure and diabetes.


Body Fat – An Insight

The human body has three main types of fat cells

  1. White fat cells
  2. Beige fat cells
  3. Brown fat cells

The white fat cells are a layer of fat cells that are subcutaneous. We can find them in the belly as well as in places like love handles and thighs. They help in keeping the body temperature stable. The brown fat cells, on the other hand, burn out when your body feels cold.



This simply implies that when we increase the body exposure to cold, we help the body to lose weight and help with obesity. The Endocrine Society’s Journal published their study that suggests that turning off the thermostat for a few hours in winter could significantly reduce weight in the body by freezing body fat.


Ice Therapy and Weight Loss

The book “Four-Hour Body”, written by Tim Ferris, clearly states how your body fat can be effectively reduced with ice therapy. The conversion of the white fat cells to brown helps in activating and boosting weight loss mechanisms in the most positive way. Tim stresses that you could easily increase your fat burning potential up to 300% just by adding a few sessions of ice therapy to your regular workout and diet routine.


Freezing Body Fat At Home To Get Rid Of Unwanted Weight

It is comparatively easy to shed unwanted weight in the comfort of your home using ice packs. Ice packs have the tendency to bring down inflammation and avoid swelling of the skin. The same method is used to help reduce body fat.


An early study of Cool Sculpting revealed a reduction of fat levels in the body where the ice packs were applied. Simply put, strapping cold ice-packs to fatty areas of the body helps to shed stubborn fat in an easy way. It is a novel idea to reduce unwanted weight by freezing body fat at home.


If someone is keen to reduce fat in certain areas of the body, cold thermogenesis is the perfect solution. It gives a significant change in the appearance and shape of the body. Well, it really does work!

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