Does Freezing Fat Work?

In order to get clearance to release coolsculpting into the market, the manufacturers of coolsculpting had to answer FDA’s question does freezing fat work? ZELTIQ, who are the manufacturers of the coolsculpting device were able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that indeed the device does work by conducting several clinical trials.

In order to answer the question does fat freezing work? The manufacturer demonstrated that fatty bulging areas in the body, such as the abdomen, thighs and love handles responded to treatment after weeks of treatment. If the procedure did not work, then the FDA would not have approved its release into the market.



Does freezing fat work for everyone?


Unfortunately not.  This procedure works best for people who are in good health. If you are sickly or have a medical problem, then his is not the solution for you. Wait until you feel better before attempting this procedure.

It also works for individuals who are actively watching their weight by dieting and exercising and are only a few pounds short of their weight loss goals or a few inches shot of achieving the body size they want.

If you want to know does freezing fat work? Know that this method works for people who only want to shed fat from a few stubborn places on their bodies. This is given that the applicator can be able to fit in well in the area where they want to lose the fat.

Is fat removal weight loss effective if you have an area in your body that is bulging out with fat?  If the area you want treated for instance, your belly has lots of fat but the fat around the area is firm, the device will not be able to fit well onto the taut surface, so the procedure will not be effective. If you want to tell if an area can be cool sculpted, just know that if you can pinch it then you can have fat freezing done on the area.

Also, if you are wondering does freezing fat work even for obese people? The answer is no. This is because an overweight person is looking for a weight loss solution, while this procedure is meant for fat reduction.


While fat freezing works for a lot of people, it does not work for everyone. Take time and ask a lot of questions before deciding to use this weight loss method. It can be so disappointing to get turned away when you are going to have this procedure done if you are not an ideal candidate. Nevertheless, it is better to be turned away than to spend money and have the procedure done and not get the results that you were expecting.

If you come across someone who claims that the procedure doesn’t work, chances are that the fat freezing did work, only that it may not have worked to their expectation or they have very high expectations instead of being realistic of what this procedure can and cannot do.

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