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Doggie dentures – The importance of dentures for dogs

Most of you probably have a pretty good understanding on what dentures exactly are, which is especially true if you have grandparents. My grandparents both had dentures. Thinking back, I didn’t find it weird to seeing their dentures soaking in a glass when I slept over at their place as a kid, although I do find it a pretty strange sight to behold these days. Most of it has to do with how dentures usually look like. They’re basically a series of artificial teeth set on a surface made of synthetic materials and are used mostly to replace people’s natural teeth. It gets pretty hard to eat when you have no teeth, so dentures are pretty much a godsend for all the people that have lost a significant amount of teeth for one reason or another. Dentures are even used on animals in some cases, but we’ll get to that later.


Doggie dentures – When are the criteria for using dentures?

The decision of using dentures instead of doing a full dental makeover isn’t one that is made without a lot of thought. While many people consider that dentures are only used by old people, this isn’t necessarily true. Although a lot of old people do use them, dentures are also used as teeth replacements for victims of accidents such as car crashes. Our teeth are strong, but they’re also somewhat brittle, kind of like common rocks. While we can bite through bone with strong enough teeth, they tend to break or fracture under significant amounts of pressure. It doesn’t matter if it’s the consequence of a car crash, a random tumble in your home or a “mouthful of fist” as some may call it; our teeth are actually quite sensitive things. But we basically need them, so dentures can be used as a replacement even when we lose all our natural teeth.

Doggie dentures – Dentures for animals

If you’ve ever had a house cat, you probably know that the teeth of a cat tend to naturally decay with age. After all, unless you’re specifically buying them cat food that is supposed to clean their teeth, their teeth will become increasingly brittle with age. It’s not just true for animals, it would also happen to us as humans if we don’t brush our teeth on a regular basis. In any case, there are actually dentures for animals, although they are not so common for cats since they have smaller mouths. Instead, dog dentures are much more frequent.

Doggie dentures – Giving Ol’ Yellow his teeth back

Doggie dentures actually help dogs in a greater way than they usually help humans. While humans can cut, chop or even mince their food into smaller pieces by simply using a fork and a knife, a dog doesn’t have that kind of luck. A dog’s teeth are basically his only tools, so doggie dentures are used to help him in all his daily affairs and not just chewing food. Proper dog dentures will pretty much help your dog live a longer and healthier life.

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