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In most of the major cities, you will come across a donation center where you can visit in order to help you donate blood or plasma. Plasma is an important part of the blood that is necessary for modern medical practice. In the course of the donation, blood will be drawn from your arm and then passed through a sterile collection set. This then passes into an automated machine. The role of the machine is to separate the components of your blood and select only the plasma. There are times when the machine is calibrated to collect platelets alongside plasma. After that, the machine will transfer the rest of the blood components alongside some saline back into your body. This is how the process at plasma donation centers works.

Assuming that you are a donor and your blood type is AB, you will not only be able to donate platelets but because of your blood type, you will also be an ideal candidate for the donation of plasma. The reason for this is because type AB plasma is universal. Towards this end, when you donate plasma at any of the donation centers, anyone in the world who needs plasma can benefit from your donation. It does not matter the type of blood they have, as long as your plasma is available, they can receive it. You can just imagine how many people you will be able to help each time you donate blood and the fact that they are anywhere all over the world.

Did you know that all across the globe, there are only around 4% of people who have blood type AB? Yes, that much is true. You are part of a select population of people whose blood can actually save the other 96% of the population. Therefore, you might not really know this while you are visiting the donation center, but you should understand that this selfless act you make of donation will make a big difference in the lives of so many people and their families.

Some of the people who are in dire need of donation whose bodies will benefit from the plasma products you have donated include patients who suffer from cancer, trauma, and burns. This can be anyone. It could be someone you do not know and might never meet, or in good karma, it could be someone close to you. You may never know for sure.

Simultaneous collection at the donation center

One of the other reasons why blood type AB is in high demand is because of the ease with which your donation will be handled. Given the unique nature of your blood, you can have a plasma and platelet donation done at the same time. Take note that you can only donate plasma once each month. There are always representatives at the centers for donation who will help you through anything you need. If you have any questions about the procedure, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Once you are through, your donation will be matched with specific hospital patient needs within the community at the time when you are visiting the donation center. While blood can be donated at different places, there are select facilities where you can donate your plasma or platelets for that matter. You can research more on these to make sure that you know where to go in case you need any support.

On average, each donation should take you around one and a half hours, including preparation. Therefore, this is something you can spare time for. Since you can only donate once every 28 days, you are eligible for plasma donation up to 13 times each year.

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