DrQuickLook™ Intraoral Dental Viewer

DrQuickLook™ Intraoral Dental Viewer


DrQuickLook Intraoral Dental Viewer is portable, convenient and requires no training, no software, no external monitor, and no computer or USB cords. Users can learn how to use it in 1 minute; it’s that easy.

DrQuickLook can freeze remarkably sharp crystal clear images one at a time, then zoom by 3X and has a live survey mode. It consists of a hand-held 1.3 megapixel camera viewer wand with 6 LED’s, the hand-held viewer wand is attached to a hand-held viewer with a large 3.5 in color LCD monitor that displays the image being captured inside of the patient’s mouth.

DrQuickLook does not store or print images, it’s an Intraoral Dental Viewer for clarifying visually to the patient, necessary treatment without the complexity or cost of traditional intraoral cameras. Patients will visibly see calculus deposits, caries, fractures, fillings, and more.

Don’t be concerned by the size of the LCD screen, a patient looking at the screen 12 in away is empowering. For example, enlarging a tooth with a fracture on the large 3.5 in LCD screen is a big tooth, so it’s easy for the clinician to explain, and easy for the patient to visually understand.

DrQuickLook™ Features:

  • Easy two button operation, live survey, freeze, zoom
  • Zoom mode (for use in real time survey or when in freeze mode)
  • Auto docking off/on and motion sensor off/on
  • Auto OFF after 2 minutes when placed flat down on a counter, unit detects no motion
  • Auto ON when picked up when lying flat down on counter, unit detects motion
  • Instant auto OFF when placed in charging dock
  • Instant auto ON when removed from charging dock
  • Auto-focus on objects from 3-5mm across
  • Charging indicator light
  • Needs no training, software, computers, or USB cords
  • Protects if you don’t have or want a traditional intraoral camera
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