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Extra Large Breast Implants – Sweater Puppies and Cat Calls

If you’re not getting enough attention and want the power and confidence of having everyone stare at you wherever you go then you may want to consider extra large breast implants.  They are not for everyone but for certain women they are exactly what the doctor ordered to make them the life of the party and the center of attention.  They are not going to look natural so you might as well flaunt those sweater puppies and enjoy the attention they will bring for you.  Maybe you just need some extra storage space, well extra large breast implants can give you some extra pockets to hold your belongings in or to smuggle a flask into an event to avoid paying eight dollars for a beer.


Extra large breast implants will be hard for anyone to ignore and may just give you a reason to pick your head up and smile with all the looks and glances you will get.  Just don’t turn around too fast or you may knock someone or something over, this really can be a problem, as well as driving if you go too big.  If you choose the right size of extra large breast implants than you can have all kinds of extras that will keep the attention on you and only you.  For exotic lifestyles you need to grab the attention of everyone around you and what better way to do it than with extra large breast implants.

Extra Large Breast Implants – Extra, Extra

If your breasts just aren’t quite large enough and you want something that will make you have to special order or create your own bras then get extra large breast implants and be the envy of your friends and every women you meet.  You’ll catch the eyes of everyone who looks upon you.  Tired of being ignored or going unnoticed?  Tired of looking down and actually being able to see your feet?  Is that gut just too much too handle and your tummy tuck didn’t do the trick?  Try extra large breast implants and you won’t even know it’s there.  You won’t be able to look down anymore and you’ll be forced to keep your head up with confidence.  Since exercise will become very difficult afterwards it is a viable solution.  If you get tired you can just lean your head forward and you will have your own pillows right there and ready for you or someone you care about, or just a stranger that needs a comfy place to lay their head.

They may ask you to hum to imitate the massaging qualities of vibration of a massage chair or spa.  There may be the chance of blistering or bruising as well as major drooping with extra large breast implants but if you’re gonna go big you might as well go all out and get something that cannot be ignored.  If something should go wrong because you have trouble driving with your huge jangas you will have airbags at the ready to accommodate you.  Contact your plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation for your extra large breast implants as soon as possible and start getting noticed.

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