Eye-Opening Information About Gummy Bear Implants And Beautiful Breasts

Ever seen someone with some really beautiful breasts and wondered how they got them? In most cases, people who are in denial will barely accept that their breasts are augmented, and most will insist that they are natural. There are, however, ladies who have really amazing breasts which look like they were augmented, but they are all natural and have never even seen the inside of a plastic surgeon’s office.

Over the years there are so many people who have come to frequent the discussions on awesome breast implants, and for different reasons. One of the most popular types of implants are the gummy bear implants. These are also referred to as the silicone cohesive gel breast implants. One of the main reasons why these are popular is because of their consistency. They are designed in such a manner that they actually resemble the gummy bear candy that you purchase in stores. This is because of the dense and high strength consistency in the silicone.

It is very easy to come across people who love the gummy bear implants today, especially since they are implants that most people can relate to, having just been approved by the FDA in 2006. There are some useful bits of information about these implants that you need to learn about, which will actually help you make the right choice in a bid to get the beautiful breasts you desire.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider getting gummy bear implants.

Safety and appearance

These are some of the safest breast implants that you will come across on the market today. The reason for this is because they are less likely to rupture as compared to saline implants. Their durability is one of the reasons why most people would strongly consider them. Think about the consistency of the solidified gel used in the gummy bear implants and you will fall in love with them because they feel and look so natural than the others. These implants will keep their shape better than you would get from saline implants. While in use, you can expect that they will not fold or wrinkle as time goes by.

Worried about your implants rippling? Not with the gummy bear implants. As a result of the consistent composition, these implants will actually stay in an upright position, which means there is a very small chance that they will sag, as compared to the other implants.

Natural feel

According to most women who have opted for the gummy bear implants in the past, one of the reasons they love them is because of the natural feel they have when you touch them. Nothing feels better than holding the implants and actually feeling good about it. You will also notice that with these implants, you do not need to worry about the sloshy sound that is common with saline implants, so you can look forward to an amazing set of beautiful breasts.

Incredible consistency

The silicone composition that makes up the beautiful gummy bear implants is one of the reasons why they look and feel as natural as most people love them to be. It is also the consistency that makes them a better fit as compared to the other implants in the market. They actually feel as natural as the natural tissue of the breasts, so this further fills you with confidence.

The consistency is based on the fact that they are made of a solidified silicone gel. Think about the worst case scenario, where implants rupture. For the other implants like the saline implants, there is always the fact that these implants will hold their own, and in the event of a rupture, you do not need to worry about any foreign objects or liquids being absorbed into the body.

After a while, you will notice that saline implants could shrink and leak. However, the gummy bear implants are actually designed from a thicker outer shell, and because of this, it is almost impossible for them to leak, unless in the case of a serious accident, and even in such a case, the damage and risk of absorption into the body would be minimal, if any at all. You can, therefore, look forward to having amazing beautiful breasts for a really long time.

The incision method

One thing that you will notice about the perfect gummy bear implants is that they pretty much leave you with limited options when it comes to the incision method in use. This comes down to the size and make-up of the implant. You will notice that the scars are a bit larger than the scars that most people have with other implants. This is because the doctor actually needs to get enough room to place the implant.

For this procedure, the doctor will advise you that for this implant, the belly button method is not possible. These implants are inserted either under the breast, through the nipple or the armpits. If you are worried about the scars, this might not be the method for you.

Given that these implants are barely a decade old in the market, there are people who still are skeptical about the durability, but since then there have not been any reasons that would make you feel unsafe with them.

Most women actually tend to shy away from the gummy bear implants basically because of the limitation in the incision methods, and more importantly because the doctor cannot perform the popular belly button insertion, so they might not really get the beautiful breasts they want.

The cost of getting implants

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that you will need to think about as you consider the option of gummy bear implants is the cost. These implants do not come cheap at all. For a rather new set of implants and a new method into the industry, you can expect it will be far more expensive to get these implants than the other types of implants. It could cost you at least a thousand dollars more to get these implants as compared to the saline implants.

There is only one way for you to know whether silicone gel breast implants are perfect for you, and this would be to have a candid discussion with your doctor. There are some important questions that you can ask your doctor, and from their response, you will know whether these implants will give you the desired beautiful breasts.

Consulting the surgeon

Ask your doctor whether the silicone gel implants are perfect for you. They should be able to advise you accordingly, based on their experience in the industry, and more importantly after looking at your medical history. One of the biggest challenges that you might have perhaps is allergic reactions, but that is not supposed to be an issue once your doctor gives you the go-ahead to get the implants.

You also need to find out from the surgeon the number of augmentations that they have carried out with cohesive gel breast implants. The more procedures the doctor has carried out, the easier it will be for them to make your procedure safe and give you incredible results. This is something that you need to think about because it essentially determines the success of the procedure you will be getting.

You should be wary of a surgeon that has not really performed a lot of these breast augmentation operations in the past because there might not be so much they can do for you, especially if you develop complications. You need someone who has experience, someone whose work speaks volumes.

Given that the doctor has had a number of patients in the past, ask them about the opinions of the patients about the procedure they carried out. This is another important factor that you need to strongly consider. You should find out about this because it will help you know a bit about what you need to expect. At times the doctor might not give you the full truth, and you will need to confirm this from their website and review section in particular. If you can get someone who has had beautiful breasts from this surgeon, you can also discuss with them the challenges that they had in the process. Their opinions could be quite an eye opener for you.

A legitimate surgeon will actually share a few points about the worst case scenario that they have been in when performing the procedure, or a few challenges that their patients have had to undergo after the experience. This is because they also need to prepare you psychologically for the procedure you are planning to go through. They are duty bound to lay out the truth, the facts before you, so that when you are making a choice, you will be making a conscious decision.

Discuss the breast implant scar. Scars take time to heal and given the different bodies that we have, how your scar will heal will be very different from how another person’s scar will heal. These are some of the things that you should think about and discuss in-depth with the doctor so that you are able to understand fully what you are about to get into.

There are so many ladies who freak out when they see their scars healing slower than they expected them to. This is not really a problem. However, if you feel something is not right, always consult your physician as soon as you can. They are in the best position to understand what you could be going through and assist you accordingly. It could be an allergic reaction or an infection that keeps you from healing as fast as you would have wanted to.

By all means possible, do not attempt to treat yourself without the advice of your doctor. Do not look for over the counter medication without consulting the doctor about this. You might actually end up causing more harm than good to yourself and interfering with the outcome of the beautiful breasts that you wanted.

The implant size

There are different breast implant sizes in which you can get the gummy bear implants. Like the other implants in the market, your choice ranges from 100cc to 1000cc depending on what you would love to achieve. It is during the consultation process with your doctor that you will be able to address issues like the number of cup sizes that you need for the augmentation to be perfect. One thing that is true, however, is that you will never fail to get an implant that fits your desired cup size goals.

The size decision is one of the most important, given that it determines what you can expect from the procedure. According to a lot of relevant studies, there are so many women who eventually go back to their surgeons and suggest a second or even a third procedure for breast augmentation. For most of these ladies, the biggest issue that they usually have is the desire to change their implant size.

When making the decision about the implant size you want, ensure that you are fully aware of what you need. This would actually make your work easy so that you never have to worry about another procedure later on. You also have to think about the impact that such a decision will have on your life. There is nothing as daunting as getting what would be the perfect beautiful breasts and then having to go for another procedure either to reduce them or to increase their size.

It is also because of this reason that the cohesive gel implant is considered an appropriate alternative. You should always make sure you discuss any ramifications with your doctor before making up your mind on the appropriate procedure.

You should also remember that this is a significant investment into your life, so you have to do all you can to make it worthwhile. The financial aspect of the procedure might hit you hard, but if you plan well for it, that should not be a problem. If you think you will struggle to get the finances for this, discuss it with your surgeon, and they could recommend appropriate breast implant financing options that will work well enough for you.

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