Factors That Affect Chin Implant Cost

A chin implant cost varies between $ 3, 500 to $ 5, 500. This is for a surgery that is done in the doctor’s office and there are no complications that come up. However, there are so many factors that affect chin implant price.

Some of these factors include:


·        Chin Implant Cost As Affected By Operational Room

This is where the procedure is carried out. The procedure can be done in the doctor’s office, in an outpatient facility or in a hospital. The most expensive option is having it done in a hospital, since the cost is set and the doctor has no influence over it. If the procedure is done at the doctor’s facility, the doctor can give you a discount since they own the facility. If you have to stay overnight at the hospital, expect to pay more.


·        Type of Implant Used Affects Chin Implant Price

Some implants are more costly than others. The best thing would be to talk to your doctor and ask for their recommendations on the implants that would work best for you.


·        The Type of Sedation Used

This affects chin implant cost. There are different types of anesthesia and the type used will determine the cost. There is local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and IV sedation. General anesthesia is the most expensive option. Local anesthesia is a cheaper option since it has minimal downtime.

Also, the anesthesiologist used matters since the fee for the anesthesiologist is different from the fee charged by the doctor. This affects the total chin implant price. Expect a board certified anesthesiologist to charge higher fees than a nurse anesthesiologist or a resident nurse. Typically, if you are using a board certified anesthesiologist, this will add the total cost by $ 1, 000 to $ 2, 000.


·        Follow up care

You will need some follow up appointments after your operation. This will add to your total cost, so when you are budgeting for your surgery, make sure to include these costs as well.


·        The technique used

The surgical approach taken by the surgeon affects total cost. Some techniques used are more complicated, therefore they take more time than others. Also, the insertion site of the implant will affect the cost.


·        Surgeon’s Fee

Different surgeons charge different prices, depending on their level of expertise and level of experience. You can compare the chin implant cost of different doctors and pick a doctor that is more reasonably priced. Just make sure to use a doctor who is board certified.

·        Location

The geographic location where the surgery is being done matters. Some states or countries are more expensive than others. Compare chin insert cost across different states and see if it will make a big difference to have your surgery done in a different state than the one where you now live in.


·        Revisionary Surgery

Whether or not the surgery is a revision affects cost. Depending on the problem and the kind of revision required, it might be cheaper to do a revision than to do the original surgery. However, to eliminate the need for a revisionary procedure, get an experienced doctor, who does these surgeries on a regular basis. This will minimize the chances of things going wrong and you needing a revisionary surgery.


·        Other Additional Procedures Affect Chin Insert Cost

These affect chin implant cost – factor in whether there will be any other procedures that the doctor will do as they work on your chin implant. For instance, the doctor might choose to do a chin liposuction to improve the overall results obtained. Since the procedures are being done together, they might give you a heavily discounted rate on the second procedure.

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