Factors That Affect Cryotherapy Chamber Cost

Cristiano Ronaldo, a Real Madrid striker loved his bi-weekly cryotherapy sessions so much, he decided to buy the machine and install it in his house. The cryotherapy chamber cost set him back a whooping $61,500 not counting the nitrogen refills that he will need to get, so as to run the machine.

It is not surprising that Renaldo bought the machine, since it is considered to be quite effective among athletes and players. It helps in muscle recovery and helps to repair to muscles that get damaged during training and playing. While cryotherapy is considered to be quite effective, cryotherapy chamber price is considered to be quite high. For most brands, the price ranges between $ 60, 000 to $ 150,000.


Factors That Influence Cryotherapy Chamber Cost

  • The initial capital required to buy the unit
  • The energy required to keep the unit running. Most of these units are electric powered, while some require nitrogen.
  • Repair costs that will crop up in case the unit gets damaged
  • Regular maintenance checks to ensure that the unit is always working well
  • The size of the chamber. 2 people can fit in one chamber unit while up to 4 people can fit in 2 chamber units. This makes the 2 chamber cryotherapy chamber cost more expensive than the one chamber machine.


It can be quite easy to confuse a cryo-sauna with a cryotherapy machine. A cryotheraphy chamber is a room where someone walks into fully, with their whole body so as to get treated. It differs from a cryo-sauna, where only part f the body is inserted into the chamber. In cryo-sauna, the whole body will be in the chamber but the head will be outside. The cost of a cryo-sauna equipment cost starts from $ 30, 000 upwards.

If you are interested in buying a cryo-therapy machine, check out the manufacturers, so as to come up with the real estimates of the prices that you will be expected to pay. Comparison shopping is quite important since it will help you gauge the industry price. This will help you choose the most fairly priced option, based on the kind of features that you want.

If you will be buying multiple units, do not feel shy about requesting for a bulk discount. This will help to keep your overall purchasing costs low. Also, compare the different brands that are in the market and go for high-quality units.

This machine is best bought by individuals

  • Who will use the equipment on a regular basis at home
  • Who can afford the cryotherapy chamber cost
  • Who are considering starting a spa or going into commercial business with the unit.


There are several benefits to buying these units

  • Low maintenance and running costs. After the initial cryotherapy gadget price, you should be able to keep your costs quite low when using the machine, especially if you go for an electric powered unit rather than a unit that uses nitrogen.
  • Little noise emission during operation
  • Quick and easy to set up

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