Facts About Different Types Of Liposuction

There are quite a number of liposuction techniques that are currently in use. All these different types of liposuction are aimed at helping you have the perfect result with respect to losing additional fat from your body. When you are planning to have a liposuction, it would be wise to get in touch with your doctor first, discuss the prospects available before you can settle on the right technique that will work for you.

Preparation will always help you get the best idea of the procedure that you are going for. A lot of patients who have done this in the past have had an awesome experience, good results and more importantly the best outcome and life after liposuction.


It really helps you get your confidence back, especially if the additional fat was giving you a hard time. There are clothes that you had not put on in a really long time, which you will finally be able to, thanks to liposuction. As you interact with your doctor, you will also notice that you might be able to learn about some new procedures that are carried out, and how they will benefit you in the process.

Different options available

One of the main reasons why you need to discuss the different types of liposuction with your doctor is because it will affect the cost of liposuction in the long run. There are some situations where it might cost you far less than another option, but you will still get the results that you need. This is also a good reason why you should discuss in-depth the options you have with your doctor so that you can informatively select the best way forward.


There are procedures like the dry technique, which is not considered a safe option for liposuction anymore all over the world, and others like the tumescent technique which has received acclaim all over the world. All these are options that you can learn about when you discuss the procedure with your doctor.

Tumescent Liposuction

This is one of the different types of liposuction that is commonly practiced all over the world. In fact, in as far as safe liposuction is concerned this is the best option you have. In this procedure, the doctor provides local anesthesia to the parts of the body where there is a huge collection of subcutaneous fat. As a result of this, you will get fat removed under local anesthesia. Consult your doctor about the viability of this option, and more importantly how effective it will be to you, given the amount of fat that you want to lose in the process.

Dry Liposuction

It is important for you to know about this technique of liposuction, not because it will be important for you, but as a precautionary measure. It is one technique that is currently not considered safe all over the world. Therefore, when you are discussing the options available for you, and your surgeon mentions this as a viable option, you need to back away and look for another option, or surgeon for that matter.

The dry technique is so named because, in its application, there are no injections of anesthesia administered to the fat before liposuction is carried out. You can, therefore, imagine the pain that you might have to endure as you go through it. If you come across anyone who proposes this as a reliable alternative for you, steer clear of their facility.


Wet Liposuction

One of the other different types of liposuction that you might come across during discussions with your doctor is wet liposuction. In this process, the doctor will inject around 100 milliliters of the recommended local anesthesia into the area that is to be treated. One of the local anesthesia that will be used is epinephrine. You should also be open with your doctor about any allergies that you have, or any medical conditions that could be aggravated by the use of these products.

Super-Wet Liposuction

Super-Wet liposuction is another option that you could consider. Your doctor will explain this affordable liposuction process to you. There is a huge similarity with tumescent liposuction. In this process, the doctor will inject dilute local anesthesia into the part that is to be treated. The amount that is to be injected should be less than a half of the amount of local anesthesia that is administered in the course of the tumescent liposuction procedure.

By understanding these different options, you will come to have a better understanding of the nature of treatment that you are going for. This is also a good way for you to be more receptive of the results, particularly when the doctor shows you some of the before and after pictures of patients, they have treated.

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