FAQs On The Biolife Eau Claire Card

Donors at Biolife Eau Claire are often provided with a Biolife Card. Like any other payment, debit or credit card, you should keep yours and its details safe. The information on this card is unique to you, and if compromised or used fraudulently, might affect your ability to access any Biolife center. You can use this card to make payments at different places in the country.

What do I do when my payments are higher than my Biolife Eau Claire card balance?

In this case, alert your merchant that you are making two forms of payments. Use your card to as the first form of payment. You will also have to tell the merchant the amount they should deduct from your card. The rest of the payment can be made through any other forms, like cash or any other card that you have. This is what is referred to as a split payment.

What purchases can I make with my Biolife Eau Claire card?

You can purchase gas with your card. However, you have to present the card to an attendant within the gas station before fueling, because it will not work on the gas station pumps.

You can also make normal restaurant purchases using the card. You must be aware, however, that there are restaurants who often charge around 20% more than your purchase amount as temporary authorization for gratuity. In this case, ensure your balance can cover this amount, or the transaction will be declined.

If you have been charged gratuity, this will reflect in your transaction history and will be adjusted accordingly once the transaction has been settled, and will reflect the actual purchase.

What happens when I cancel or return a Biolife Eau Claire card purchase?

The purchase amount is credited to your card upon a cancellation or return. Take note that different merchants have different return policies, so it might take a while for clarifications before the amount is credited back to your account, usually up to 7 days.

My Biolife Eau Claire card is stolen. What should I do?

Your Biolife Eau Claire card, unlike cash, has a zero liability protection program. If you lose it or it is stolen, you should get in touch with the nearest Biolife donation center and have it replaced. Any unauthorized purchases will be refunded (there are special terms and conditions to this note). You are, therefore, advised to report this to your donation center as soon as possible to prevent any unauthorized access and limit the damage.

A replacement card will be issued by your donation center, though it is wise to consult Citi immediately you notice suspicious activity on the card.

Will I be charged for Biolife Eau Claire card replacement?

Yes. The materials that come with your card package have a complete list of fees you need to look at. Citi offers free service prompts to check your balance, get information on your most recent payment or to check the last transaction. However, your network carrier might charge you a fee to receive or send messages based on your contract.

My Biolife Eau Claire card has been declined. What should I do?

The ATM or merchant will inform you about the decline. A fee will also be applied. You can refer to the materials that come with your card for all the fees applicable. To avoid further embarrassment and more declines, be keen on your card balance. Since the message prompts are free, you should make a habit of checking your balance before making any purchase.

If your balance reaches zero, hold on to the card. Do not lose it because it will be reloaded whenever you make a blood plasma donation in Biolife Eau Claire.

Your card has an account maintenance fee of $3.00 per month. This is charged if you do not make any transaction for more than 90 days (cash withdrawal, purchase etc.) or if you do not receive a load from Biolife. If your balance is zero, this fee will not be charged, so you can never have a negative balance. For the first 6 months of having this card, the maintenance fees are waived.

For any questions about your card or any related information, consult the nearest Biolife center or request help online.

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