Fixing The Neck Through Neck Liposuction

Any extra fat formation on part of your body can lead to one issue after another, especially when it’s in an open place like the neck. It’s not just an issue of low self-esteem but another cause of the double chin. If you are having an issue with the neck, worry no more because you can now fix it through neck liposuction.

While dieting and exercises can be a great remedy for most of the body fat, it’s very hard to eliminate fat from around the neck through these traditional solutions. But before you can decide to go for a neck lipo, it’s very important to understand a number of things. This is because liposuction is not for everyone.

Extra Neck Fat

Not all neck fat should be eliminated. It is very crucial to retain a significant amount of fat on your neck as it acts as a cushion between your neck muscles and your skin. Without this fat, your neck would never look natural. When this fat exceeds a certain limit, however, it is considered undesirable by many. The extra fat can be the result of either aging, change in lifestyle or even hereditary. In such cases, the fat can accumulate around the neck because of subcutaneous fat redistribution.

Regardless of what may have caused the neck fat, the fact is, it makes you look older and obese. You will actually be surprised to see how young you’ll appear after the surgery.

Loose vs. Hanging Neck Skin

Loose neck skin refers to that sagging skin that is normally in excess of what you really require to cover your neck. It is mostly acquired through either weight loss or aging. It is very rare to find someone under 40 with a loose skin unless they have undergone through weight loss or gain. A hanging skin literally appears to hang on your neck.

Candidates for Neck Lipo

A neck liposuction is mostly suitable for people who happen to have extra neck skin or fat. In case you are having a loose hanging skin, then this surgery may not entirely be sufficient for you. A facelift operation may be required later to tighten up the remaining loose skin.

The reason this neck procedure is advocated for people who have loose though not hanging skin is because the process encourages skin tightening. This happens specifically for two major reasons: once the neck fat has been eliminated, the skin around the neck tends to take the shape of the underlying structures of the muscles, bones, and cartilages.

Since these contour surfaces require a lot of skin to cover, and given that the skin size does not change, the skin will automatically become tighter. Keep in mind the fact that the chances of the skin tightening in response to the operation are very little. This is, therefore, a reason good enough to justify loose skinned individuals undergoing this operation, but not enough to justify it for people with hanging skin.

What about People with Extra Fat and Hanging Loose Skin?

Attempting the procedure for people under this category would lead to less favorable results and would require a facelift to tighten the neck skin and fix other irregularities. So, instead of the lipo, it would be wise to go for a facelift.

But these are the questions that you should ask your plastic surgeon before the operation can begin.

The Procedure

A neck liposuction can successfully be carried out in less than 2 hours as an outpatient. First, the plastic surgeon will inject you with a tumescent solution, followed by a sedation anesthesia. The tumescent solution helps to constrict blood vessels, prevent bruising, and reduce bleeding. The solution is normally a combination of local anesthetic, saline, and epinephrine. The fluid is normally injected when you are asleep temporarily.

Recovering from a Neck Liposuction

Pain will relatively be little after the procedure, and the majority of the patients are able to go back to work in less than 1-5 days depending on the bruising. You will be required to put on a compressive garment around the head and neck for a couple of days. There will be 1-3 incisions that will heal inconspicuously.

Again, the greatest obstacle to your return to work will be the amount of bruising. People are different, while some bruise for 1-2 weeks, others experience no bruising at all. It all depends on where you fall under.


The average cost of a jawline and neck lipo in the United States is approximately $2000 to $4000, including the surgeon fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees.


The risks involved in a neck procedure are not very different from the others. They include infection, bleeding, irregularities, dimpling, infection, fluid collections, asymmetry, and need for additional surgery.

Apart from this, there is a risk of drooling or having an uneven smile since the nerve that controls your lower lip runs through the neck area and might be damaged during the procedure. Fortunately, this rarely happens unless you were operated by a quack surgeon.

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