Free Liposuction Consultation

There are facilities that offer free liposuction consultation with the aim of making you understand liposuction and what it is about. The plastic surgeons who offer this affordable liposuction service are well-trained professionals.  You will be asked to provide lots of information so that the surgeon can understand your medical history, allergies, and other surgical procedure previously done. You will also be asked if you react to anesthesia and other things that can affect the outcome of the surgery, such as alcohol, smoking or problems related to drugs. During this time, you will also explain your desired goals and look at before and after photos of people who have undergone this procedure. Be as honest as possible during the consultation, as this will determine how successful your surgery will be.

A timeline will be established for the procedure and recovery.  You will also get an estimation of the amount of money you need to pay for the procedure and the payment options that are available. You will be told whether they accept cash, check or credit cards or you may get an application that can help you finance your procedure. Some of the options that are available are no-interest plans and no down payment financing plans.  If you like to go for the procedure after this, you will schedule the surgery with your surgeon.

During the free liposuction consultation, your doctor might ask you to exercise and diet before the procedure and he will also discuss the risks involved at length. You can also request to take a tour of the facility, if the surgery will be done on the facility. You will also be able to get literature with information on the surgeon’s education, training and curriculum vitae. You can ask to speak to any of the patients on the referral sheet and you will also be given a consent sheet.  The surgeon will be able to pre determine the amount of fat that will be removed to get the desired results. He will ask you questions concerning your health and lifestyle.

When going for the complimentary lipo consultation, make sure you go there on time since there are always so many people booked. Take your questions and photos with you. Make sure that you ask as many questions as possible. It is not a good practice to go for the lipo surgery on the day of the appointment.


The Free Lipo Physical Examination

During the free liposuction consultation, the surgeon will ask you to take off your clothes and wear a gown. Together with the nurse, they will examine the condition of your skin, its elasticity, thinness, and type. He will then take measurements and then tag on your skin to check for cellulite, laxity of the skin and the volume of fat. Prepare yourself psychologically since the procedure is uncomfortable.

During the consultation, you will need to schedule an appointment though you are under no obligation to do it. If you schedule an appointment, you will be required to pay a deposit to reserve the date.  You will also need to make an appointment for visiting the lab, medications, and preparation. After this, you will be required to go back for the surgery after 2 weeks.

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