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General denture repair information

Denture repair generally is a service for broken or any other kind of damage that can become on a denture. Denture is a dental medicine prosthetic device that can replace lost or missing teeth. There are removable and fixed dentures. Removable dentures can be easily removed from the jaw, but fixed dentures are often fixed to the teeth. Dentures are suggested by your dentist. Dentures have some advantages such as: increasing chewing ability of the patients, aesthetics because a brighter and beautiful smile can open up many doors, improved self-esteem of the patients and many more. There are also some problems with the usage of the dentures like gagging, sore spots because the denture will press on the soft tissue, loss of taste which is usually when a patient has an upper denture.


How can dentures brake or damage?

Almost every patient that wears dentures comes to denture repair service. Dentures can brake mostly when you try to insert or remove from your mouth and they fall. Many other reasons for denture damage such as tooth loss or subjecting them to force by teeth grinding can result in damage, too. Dentures are made by qualified medical staff. If something happens with your denture the first thing to do is to consult your dentist about possible denture repair. But don’t worry, there is always a way, denture repair service is provided by many qualified and quality proven dental medical laboratories.

Are dentures easily repaired?

The answer to this question is: The denture repair depends on the level of damage of the denture. For example cracked dentures are very easy to repair because they can easily be bonded back together. Other damage can be loss of teeth. If this happens the denture repair technician can pick a tooth, match its color and replace it in its proper position. The hardest damage in denture repair is a broken denture. If you can manage to find all the pieces from the denture than it can be repaired, if not new denture would have to be bought. This is a bigger procedure because you would have to visit your dentist again, because you may need to have e new mould if the dentist proposes new dentures. You can also do your own denture repair.


Various denture repair kits are available on the market. But keep in mind that glues and bonding cement that is used by the dentists is FDA approved. Also keep in mind not to use household glues because they are poisonous. This leads to a conclusion that people’s health is more valuable than money. Do not save on your health. There are many available denture repair services that can be found on the Internet. If you don’t have your own dentist to consult, we suggest custom search on the internet by the keyword “denture repair”. But be aware that before denture repair it is strongly recommended to visit your dentist.

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