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General information about partial dentures   

Medicine treats a lot of health issues, and it’s becoming advanced day by day. But we should say that the medical solutions aren’t just related to health, because sometimes those solutions resolve and many esthetic problems. We are talking about one important part of human face such as his mouth or to be clear the human smile. So, there are so much people nowadays who are facing with teeth problems, or sometimes teeth diseases we would say. You  don’t have idea how important is for a person to treat his teeth, because when a person has different mouth diseases then his teeth are destroyed and his esthetical look too. But whatever, you would say now it’s late, what kind of solution can we find to change this ugly part of our face? And then the first thing which will pass into your mind would be to put partial dentures and change everything.


Because of that, we have some information about this, to make you clear in general everything about partial dentures. Every person who faces teeth problems firstly consults his dentist, but usually when all your teeth are damaged then your dentist can’t solve your problem. In that case he would recommend you to visit a dental specialist to help you around that. So than he would suggest you to put on your mouth partial dentures to change everything, and even you by yourself wouldn’t believe how quickly your face will change. Because of the partial dentures, you will smile freely and eat without problems. So, partial dentures are artificial teeth or bridges which relate one tooth with another to fill the gap inside teeth in the mouth.

What kind of problems mostly can resolve partial dentures?

As we mentioned up, the first thing which a person can notice while using partial dentures is his smile, his face would look more handsome and without any problem. He would eat without having problems and would speak without any barrier. But of course he should take care usually about his partial denture and clean it every day. But if he wears removable partial dentures then he should pay attention on that how he removes it from his mouth. They can be metallic, plastic etc. So, that’s why sometimes someone has difficulties while using partial dentures.


What types of partial dentures are used?

There are three types of partial dentures which are used actually: 1. Light alloy dentures, 2. Plastic dentures and 3. Flexible dentures are the first type are made of light metal alloy combined with gum colored plastic or  either material, their advantage is that they are more durable than other dentures and fit into the patients mouth without any problems. The second type, are made of plastic and their advantage is that they are less expensive then light alloy dentures. And the last type, are used when the patient can’t use a light alloy denture or plastic dentures. That means, they fit properly to the shape of the mouth and are used usually when patients can’t tolerate other kinds of partial dentures. All this types are comfortable, depending on that how the patient organism reacts, and what kind of material is better to use for make the patients smile look bright, white and natural.

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