Get Rid Of Your Chubby Cheeks With Cheek Reduction Surgery

Some people are quite self conscious about how their cheeks look like. This is mostly people who have chubby cheeks. Such people may want to reduce the size of their cheeks. If you are one of those people, you have the option of undergoing cheek reduction surgery.

There are many reasons why one can have chubby cheeks. This includes:

  • If you are obese
  • You may be genetically predisposed to having round cheeks

Before undergoing cheek bone surgery, especially when you are younger, you should know that as you grow older, your cheeks will start thinning out. If you have the procedure done when you are much younger, there is a risk that your cheeks may end up looking hollowed out when they eventually start to thin. So it is imperative that you do some research and find out whether chubbiness runs in your family or not. If it doesn’t then you can hold off on doing the surgery, so that you don’t end up looking scrawny when you are old.


Who Are the Best Candidates for Cheek Reduction Surgery

  • People who have wide cheeks and a narrow face
  • Someone who is 18 years or older
  • Someone who is physically fit
  • If you are a non smoker


The Buccal Fat Removal Process

Cheek reduction surgery is typically carried out in the surgeon’s office or in a hospital.  The whole process takes about an hour to complete. Local anesthesia is used, meaning that you will be conscious throughout the whole procedure. You will not feel any pain but just experience a bit of discomfort.

During the buccal fat removal process, an incision, which is 2-3 cm long, is made along the side of the cheek between the gums and the cheek. This will expose the fibers and the fascia in the cheeks. Pressure will then be exerted externally on the cheeks, so as to squeeze out the fat. The doctor might use forceps to help draw out the fat. After enough fat has been removed, the area is then stitched up. Since the incisions are made inside the mouth, there are no scars left on the outside of the cheeks. The stitches used usually dissolve on their own, so there will be no need to remove them.

Cheek reduction surgery is a day operation and you will not need to spend the night in hospital. You can ask a friend or relative to pick you up from the hospital after 4 hours. It is not advisable for you to drive yourself home.


Recovery from Cheek Bone Surgery

You will have a hard time chewing food for a couple of days. It is advisable that you only eat soft foods during this period.  You will also experience some pain on your cheeks after the buccal fat excision procedure. You can resume your day to day activities after one weeks rest at home. You will experience some swelling and bruising on the area that was worked on. You can control this by keeping your head up whenever you are lying down. You can also use ice packs on the treated area.

To minimize chances of infection, keep your mouth clean at all times. After eating, wash the inside of your mouth with salty water. Avoid contact sports for up to 2 weeks after the surgery. When you start exercising again, only do light exercises, such as walking. You can resume more advanced exercises at least 6 weeks after the procedure.  It will take about 4 months for you to see the full results of the cheek reduction procedure.

You will need to go for follow up appointments, so that the doctor can keep track of how you are recovering. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instruction, so that you can recover fully.

Possible Risks of the Operation

  • Risk of infection where the incision was made
  • Numbness
  • You might lose feeling around where the incisions were made
  • Buccal fat pad reduction procedure is irreversible since it is not possible to put back the fat that is removed from the cheek therefore, you should think long and hard whether you want to undergo the operation or not.
  • Blood clots, which may form on the treated areas. These can dissolve on their own or they will need to be drained from the body.



On average, expect to pay between $ 1, 500 and $ 5, 000 for the procedure. This covers only the doctor’s fees and doesn’t cover other things as well. The exact figure will depend on where you live and other miscellaneous costs, so it is advisable to talk to your doctor first to find out how much exactly the whole procedure will cost.


Expected Results of the Procedure

  • Your cheeks will be definitely thinner and more defined after cheek reduction surgery
  • Increased self confidence
  • Improved appearance

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