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Getting the most out of your *vegan diet*

Starting a vegan diet can be a big step for some that have never treaded in to this type of diet change. A *vegan diet* can be harder to get use to and comfortable with. People who make abrupt changes in their diet can have some side effects that come with it. First of all your body will have to adapt to the change of cutting out dairy products which can throw your stomachs acidic chemistry off and start to give you heartburn. This can happen for a brief period of time but will subside as your body’s chemistry can right itself and find a pH balance that doesn’t cause any heartburn. This is only commonly a side effect to those who make abrupt transformations from a carnivorous and dairy heavy diet to a strict *vegan diet*. If you take it slow into transforming your diet you can go about it without any abdominal discomfort or any of the likes of this.


With the ingestion of more fruits and nuts your body will quickly start to adapt and work to break down the complex carbohydrates and extract nutrients to where you are not bogged down as your body focuses on trying to break down the food more than powering the rest of your body and leading to the typical fast food drowsiness. If you can eat more and more raw foods your body’s digestive tract will become more efficient and less needy for blood and energy and therefore you can go about your day right after a meal without feeling like you need a siesta. With this type of *vegan diet* you can rest assure that your metabolism will be kicked into a higher gear. Your metabolism will slowly gain speed and give you more daily energy and help you to burn more and more fat as you go through your daily routine.

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