Glass sets

Do you have a friend or relative that owns some glass sets? Doesn’t matter if it is just one glass set or multiple, but do they display those glass sets on special shelves as decorative items? Do they ever use any items from those glass sets, or are they just eternally set on their shelves, looking all nice and shiny? What is the point in collecting or owning potentially very expensive glass sets? In case you’ve ever asked yourself one of those questions, then we have something in common. As a young man that started his independent life half a decade ago, it’s just one of those things that bugged me. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that it’s weird. On the contrary, I’ve had a bit of a revelation about glass sets a while ago.


Personal experience with glass sets

In my particular case, glass sets never had any appeal or real use to me. Emphasis on “had”. My mother can be considered a glass set collector, owning over a dozen differently styled glass sets. Of course, most of them were quite interesting to a growing little kid in a number of ways. First, glass sets are shiny. Shiny is awesome for little kids. Give them a small crystal and they’ll play with it as though it was a diamond. It’s even better if that crystal is actually shaped like a diamond. But, back on topic, I liked those glass sets and wanted to look and touch them myself, as most curious kids would. But that was sort of a no-no. “Don’t touch those, they’re expensive”, my mother would say. So growing up, I always saw them, but almost never touched them or used them. I eventually lost any curiosity about them, and even developed a sense of general apathy about them. “Glasses are glasses, I’d rather drink from a Pepsi glass than from something I’d be too afraid to break” – were my thoughts at the time.

Inheriting glass sets

Eventually I grew old enough, finished school, got my own job and moved to my own house. I already had my own glass sets, and they were mostly plain glasses that I never gave a second thought about while using them. One day, my mother gave me five of her glass sets, mostly crystal. She even got a two meter tall glass display closet in matching color as the rest of my furniture. It wasn’t just glasses, but also crystal plates and bowls among other things. The glass sets looked nice and I was thankful, but they still didn’t really appeal to me.


Realizing how glass sets can be awesome

One day, I was supposed to make dinner for a girl I was dating at the time. It was a hot summer day, and I figured getting some ice cream for dessert and having some nice cooled wine with dinner would be nice. Then it finally dawned on me. I had ugly plastic bowls and plain glass sets. I can’t really make dinner with those kinds of dishes. So I looked at the glass sets I inherited from my mother carefully and chose some appropriate glasses and bowls. My plan was basically a typical candlelight dinner, but boy did those crystal glass sets help improve the mood. The girl was actually very impressed and asked about the glass sets. So, what I’m basically trying to say that it is worth owning special glass sets. Not just for impressing girls, I really don’t want to make it sound that way, but because there are just so many social occasions when they’re convenient.  And yes, they look nice too.

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