Gum Treatment Can help Alleviate Pain Arthritis Pain

Gum Treatment Can help Alleviate Pain Arthritis Pain

Periodontists  regularly to keep  gum disease under control and in the process may help alleviate  arthritis symptoms.

“When I stop and think about it, over the last probably 10 years, I really have not had pain,” Jan Sidley told Action News.

That is possible, according to researchers at Case Western Reserve University. They recruited patients with both diseases.

“We looked at their mouth, and the patients who had inflammation of the gum and periodontal disease, and we treated this condition,” says Dr. Nabil Bissada.

As the periodontists treated the gum infections, the arthritis joint pain and swelling improved.

Past research has already linked gum disease to serious ailments, such as heart disease, stroke,  diabetes, pre-term births, anemia, obesity, dimentia and erectile dysfunction.

“The common dominating factor in all of them i, what is called, systemic inflammation.

Toxins from a gum infection can travel through the blood and make an inflammatory disease like arthritis worse.

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  1. This is a good news. A double treatments was found! ;) Thank you for sharing this! It is really a great help! :-)


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