High Definition Liposuction

High definition liposuction is a procedure whereby small deposits of fat are removed around the muscles in order to make visible the natural contour of the natural muscles. Vaser liposuction sculpts and firms your muscles, making you look more athletic. The procedure removes unwanted fat from any area and contours the physique.

Advantages of High Def liposuction

  • The swelling and bruising is minimal compared to other procedures of fat removal
  • The recovery is fast
  • The surrounding nerves, blood vessels or tissue are not damaged
  • The procedure is painless, safe and very gentle

Vaser Liposuction Procedure

You will start by scheduling a face to face consultation with your surgeon. This will be in order for the surgeon to understand your desired goal. He will then examine you and discuss realistic results to be expected with you. The surgeon will then perform an ultrasound to measure the volume of fat in the areas to be treated.  From this, he will be able to estimate the cost of the procedure and will help keep the costs low. You will also be shown before and after photos from previous patients.  This is one of the best ways to show the patient what can be achieved by High definition Liposuction by the surgeon they have chosen.

Local anesthesia will be administered in order to numb the area that is to be treated. During the procedure, you will be awake but there will be no pain or discomfort. A saline solution will then be injected into the area that is to be treated to hydrate the fatty tissue to make the area more responsive to the treatment and to shrink the capillaries to prevent the loss of blood. A small incision is made and the surgeon will insert a tube under the skin. The inserted cannula will vibrate and remove any fat cells through suction. High Def liposuction can refine the face and shape the body by removing fat deposit. This results in a contoured and proportioned body.

This procedure does not require you to stay overnight at the hospital. Local anesthesia is used therefore it is more affordable and most people can go for it. The cost depends on the number of areas to be treated, how dense the connective tissue is and the volume of the fat which is to be removed.

Patients can go back home, immediately after the procedure and go back to their normal activities after a few days. The swelling and bruising will go down after about two weeks. The patient will wear a compressive garment, which will help in the healing process. The patient should also ensure that they go for about five post surgery appointments to make sure that the healing process is going on well.

Since the incisions are small, there is minimal risk of an infection and the doctor might give you antibiotics after the surgery to reduce the risk of an infection. After the procedure expect your body to start chiseling and looking sculpted after three to four months.

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