Herbs and Home Remedies that Help Strengthen Teeth

Prevent a Loose Tooth Issue with These Special Herbs and Remedies

Does it feel like your teeth are a little loose? This  seems to be  a common problem faced by many people of all ages over the world. A loose tooth can lead to chronic gum disease, periodontal disease and bone loss. This infection can even damage the bones and tissues around your loose tooth.

Effects of having loose teeth.

There are many problems you can have when dealing with a loose tooth. You may create more loose teeth and damage if you do not start treatment as soon as possible. Here are some ways to cure loose teeth from home

Pepper and Turmeric

Turmeric and pepper are antiseptics and can help you fight off the pain and inflammation that occurs because of a loose tooth. Take some turmeric and pepper and mix them in a small container. Then apply it to your gums and take your fingers and gently massage the area for a few minutes. Afterward, rinse out the mixture with water. Just swish it out. Follow this process twice a day to get the most antiseptic benefits from the herbs. You should not eat or drink anything for about an hour after having used this natural remedy in your mouth. 






Mustard Oil

Add a tablespoon of salt and a couple of drops of mustard oil. Apply that mixture to the sore gum and gently massage for about a minute. Afterward, you want to do the same as we mentioned above and rinse your mouth out with cold water. You want to abstain from eating for about 30 minutes after you rinse. This process will help your teeth strengthen a bit. 










All dentists say salt has a bit of antiseptic qualities. Dissolve two small pinches of salt in a cup of water. Stir the mixture well, and then use it to gargle. Do this twice a day and it will help cleaning the bacteria out of your gums and strengthen the tissue surrounding the tooth.

Eat More Vitamin C Rich Foods

Foods such as oranges, kiwis, strawberries, guavas, cheese, milk, and yogurt and so on, can help getting rid of the pain that happens due to a loose tooth. 

Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil has a myriad of benefits for teeth, but primarily it can work as a pain killer. Just make sure you buy the peppermint oil water based not gel form and gently apply over your tooth. Follow this process once a day.

Cooking Oil

Dab a bit of oil around the gums to reduce inflammation around the tooth in which will reduce pain.


Big Problems.

One of the biggest problems adults deal with which leads to a loose tooth is plaque and tartar build up. The thing of it is that often you do not even see these bad boys on your teeth. If you don’t floss, you increase your chances of getting plaque and tartar between teeth and food particles get stuck in between your teeth. This is what causes bacteria build up where your gums will swell up. This also allows for the formatio of pockets of bacteria which in turn can lead to tooth loss.  To prevent plaque and minimize gum inflammation use the above herbs on a regular basis. Alternate the herbs on different weeks   and soon enough your tooth should be fixed.


THe Good Thing about Home Remedies.

The best part about having the ability to fix a loose tooth from home is that it is inexpensive. Herbs dont cost much and the best part is you can prevent expensive dental issues in the future.