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How and why to collect unemployment insurance

Being unemployed is a major problem if you’re an adult in general, no matter if you live alone, with your parents or with your wife or husband. Finding a new job is often a matter of luck, and may take from several days, months or even several years before you find a new job. Being unemployed is actually a certain Catch 22 by itself. You have to pay your bills, but your income is either non-existent or extremely limited. You could collect unemployment insurance to alleviate some of your expenses, but this depends on whether you’re even eligible for unemployment benefits.


How to know if you can collect unemployment insurance

Most countries world-wide have certain benefits for unemployed individuals. This enables you to collect unemployment insurance to help you with your basic living expenses. However, whether or not you can collect unemployment insurance depends on the conditions set in the laws and regulations of a country. To find out if you meet those conditions and can collect unemployment insurance, you should contact your nearest employment agency. These agencies or bureaus can be owned by governments or privately, but it does not matter since they will always be able to provide you with the necessary information. A simple online search such as “employment agency Manchester” will provide you with addresses and contact information for several different agencies. This is true for most countries world-wide, so you can do the same thing no matter where you live.


Why it is important to collect unemployment insurance

If you meet the required conditions, you should always choose to collect unemployment insurance. As I’ve previously mentioned, being unemployed is like a Catch 22. Basically, the longer you’re unemployed, the harder it will be to find a new job. This isn’t just from a practical perspective, but also from a health perspective. Many people, including myself at one period in my life, have made the mistake of saving by denying themselves some basic needs. “I can survive with 2 instead of 3 meals a day” – This is the most harmful one of all. By denying yourself food or having an unhealthy diet in general by buying the cheapest food possible, you’re constantly increasing the risk of getting sick. If you can collect unemployment insurance, do it, and try to keep yourself healthy at all times. If you can’t collect unemployment insurance, do whatever else is necessary. Visit your local shelter; try getting food stamps, discount coupons for food products or anything else. Being too prideful can be very harmful for you in many ways.


Other reasons to collect unemployment insurance

Besides your own basic nutrient requirements and health, there’s also the complicated financial side of being unemployed. Your own personal credit rating drops practically to zero when you’re unemployed, so you can’t raise a loan to get back on your feet financially if you don’t collect unemployment insurance. Going into even a small debt just generates more debt. For example, if your basic bank account goes into the red, the bank will charge you with interests or even court expenses for not paying your dues on time. Basically, the best way to handle unemployment is to collect unemployment insurance and combine that with any other method that cuts on your living expenses while keeping you healthy at the same time. So yes, you should use food stamps and discount coupons along with it, no matter how prideful you may be. It will keep you healthy and it will help you immensely in the long run. From my personal experience, it isn’t pleasant for your own ego, but egos can recover quickly, while health complications can be really difficult and expensive to recover from.

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