How Calf Reduction Surgery Can Transform Your Looks 

The calves are a major part of the body and how they look will in so many ways affect the overall appearance of your legs and your body in general. However, not everyone has perfect calves. There are some people who may have too big calves and others may have one calf bigger or smaller than the other. This lack of symmetry and overlay big size can make your calves a source of insecurity for your body and in the end, your confidence will get a major dent. In case you are not happy with how your calves look, you don’t have to hide them anymore. A simple calf reduction surgery can correct this issue. It will resize and reshape your calves to look sexier, symmetrical, and appealing.

Who Needs Calf Reduction Surgery?

Women account for the biggest percentage of people who seek calf reduction surgery. Due to how people are socialized in society, it’s often assumed that it’s okay for a man to have large calves. However, for a woman is the exact opposite. In many societies, women with smaller, lean, calves that are propionate to their legs and general physique are considered very attractive. In this case, women are the first ideal candidates for the calf reduction cosmetic procedure.  Here are some of the attributes that make you qualify for this procedure:

  • You have overly big calves that are not proportionate to your legs
  • There is excessive fat around your calves and you are disturbed about it
  • You are insecure about your legs due to big calves and you rarely wear short skirts or pants
  • The symmetry in your calves is not good enough. One calf seems larger than the other or out of shape compared to the other

How Is Calf Reshaping Surgery Done?

The aim of calf reduction surgery is to reduce the size of the Gastrocnemius muscle. The muscle is also called the leg triceps and is found on the back side of your lower leg. There are a number of options that the surgeon will consider the surgery. To start with, Botox injections can be used. However, here the results will not be permanent and you will need to go back after four or six months for treatment. The most effective option though is a partial surgical reduction of the calves muscle. The excess muscle will be removed through a surgical procedure.  Since there are no blood vessels along the calves or any nerves, there is no risk whatsoever of any damage. The results from calf contouring are permanent and visible for everyone to see.

Can Calf Surgery Be Combined With Liposuction?

The decision of whether to combine the surgery with liposuction will be determined by a number of factors. However, the most important one is whether there is too much fat around the calf area. Although traditionally the problem is often an overly large calf muscle in both legs, there are patients who have had additional fat deposits around the same area. In such a scenario, the surgeon may be required to combine the procedure with liposuction in order to deliver the best possible results.

Will I Be Able To Walk After The Procedure?

Yes, you can be able to walk freely immediately after the surgery is done but it is not always advised. If you can bring a friend during the day of surgery to drive you home after the procedure, you will be fine. However, you should be able to fully recover after two weeks.

Calf reduction surgery is a simple, efficient and a safe way of restoring aesthetics to your calves. Feel free to give it a try today and see how it will transform your looks.

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