How Does Coolsculpting Work On Different Parts Of The Human Body?

Coolsculpting makes use of controlled standardized cooling to effectively and gently eliminate fat cells located under the human skin. However, many people do not understand how this procedure functions, hence the big question how does coolsculpting work? Coolsculpting utilizes cooling, which is controlled at human cell friendly temperatures to target the fat cells. This means it only kills fat cells. During this procedure fat in the body is frozen.


The abdomen

It is very hard for many people to lose fat around their abdominal area. Exercise only makes the fat to hide underneath the skin but it does not kill fat cells. Coolsculpting eliminates these cells forever. How does cryolipolysis function then on the human abdomen? Large or medium or small sized applicators are placed on the abdomen. When large applicators are used, the fat loss procedure can be done very quickly and it can even take less than an hour to complete the procedure. This is because the applicator is large enough to cover all areas of the abdomen. Small applicators can only be placed on one fatty area at a time.

Once the applicator is placed on the targeted area, it begins to crystallize or freeze the fat cells. These frozen cells later die due to the low temperature. With time, the human body eliminates these dead fat cells. This leaves the abdomen less fatty and therefore more sculpted.


The thighs

Some people have a lot of fat on their thighs, which they would want to get rid of and they may be wondering how does coolsculpting work. So that they can ensure that they get positive results on their thighs. An applicator is placed on one or both sides of the thigh, depending on how big it is. This also depends on how much fat the patient wants removed. Note that areas which are not treated do not change in terms of distribution of fat cells.

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After the applicators freeze the fat cells in the inner and outer thigh, they are removed. The doctor will often ask the patient if they feel a burning sensation or irritation. If it is too much, the client can be given painkillers. However, such side effects normally last less than an hour. After a while, the patient is required to do the procedure again. At least two coolsculpting sessions are sufficient to begin realizing results. When the applicators are passed for the second time, most people will realize the fats are gone for good.

How does non-surgical fat loss happen and how many sessions does one need to attend? Are questions that are best answered by the doctor who is doing the procedure, since the answer to this question varies from one patient to another one.

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