How Does Fat Freezing Work When Applied on Other Areas of The Body

Fat freezing first came into light when two doctors observed that when children ate ice popsicles, the side of their mouths where the popsicles hit the skin were left dimpled due to fat degradation in their cheeks. The doctors then tried to find the answer to the question does fat freezing work when applied on other areas of the body?


They conducted research and they came to the conclusion that fat under the skin is sensitive to temperature changes.  They discovered that fat in the body could freeze at a lower temperature without the skin being affected or damaged.

They applied this principle to weight loss and they discovered that body fat can be frozen under the skin and then flushed out of the by the body over time.

Since a lot of people have been wondering whether fat freeze weight loss works, they have been surprised to find out that fat freezing is gaining traction against liposuction, given that  fat freezing is a non invasive treatment method. Most people think that the method is too incredibly to be true since it requires absolutely no effort from an individual in order for fat loss to happen.


How Does It Work?

There are different sizes of applicators that are attached to the cryolipolysis machine. These applicators suction on the skin and fat when placed against the body. This suctioning experience produces a cooling effect on the area being treated. At first, patients may experience a slight discomfort but after sometime, due to the cold temperature of the device, the area becomes numb. The fat in the body is then crystallized. This will leave the area being treated with a solid mass. After the area is massaged, the solid mass breaks up under the skin and will eventually be eliminated after sometime from the body.


Will You See Results?

If you want to know the answer to the question does fat freezing work? You will have to wait three to four months and undergo a number of sessions to see noticeable results.  If you take before and after photos and compare them after this time period has elapsed, you will be able to notice significant changes on the affected area. You will get mild fat reduction. If you had a bulging belly for example, you will notice that your mid section will have lost some fat.


How Much Weight Will You Lose?

For those who want to know is fat removal effective? You should realize that this is not a program that will help you shed massive amounts of weight, so you won’t see a great difference when you weigh yourself on a weighing scale before and after the procedure.  This is largely because muscle weighs more than fat, so even if you lost 25 percent of the fat on your body, the weight loss won’t be reflected on the weighing scale. However, you will notice that your clothes are loser and you will have gown down a dress size or two.


Is The Weight Loss Permanent?

The dead fat cells that are excreted from your body system will be gone forever, so the fat that you will have lost will be permanently gone. But if you want to continue maintaining a good body shape, you have to change your eating habits, so as to eat healthier.  You also need to exercise regularly.


In conclusion

Yes, fat freezing does work but only if you incorporate it with the rest of your health regime, such as healthy eating and exercising.

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