How Freeze Weight Loss Procedures Work

If you have been exercising for a while and dieting but you still have some stubborn weight that seems impossible to lose, consider using other methods to get rid of the excess body fat. A freeze weight loss procedure is one of the best ways you can use to get in shape. But how exactly does this process work?


Coolsculpting weight loss programs work by targeting fat that is underneath the skin. Coolsculpting focuses on weight loss through fat elimination in specific parts of the body through the use of coolsculpting technology. In this procedure, a cryolipolysis machine is used to cool the body temperature in a specific part of the body.

The cryolisis machine uses controlled cooling at a temperature of 4° Celsius or 39° Fahrenheit. This helps to gradually lower the temperature of the body fat and eventually freezes it without destroying the other surrounding tissue in the area that is being treated. The controlled temperature minimizes the risk of getting frostbite.

When the fat cells get frozen, they crystallize. With time, the fat cells shrink in size and they eventually die.  After the fat cells die, they are attacked by white blood cells, which change them to triglycerides. These are then metabolized by the liver and then eliminated from the body. Doctors speculate that the fat is eliminated from the body in urine but this is not certain. As the fat is eliminated from your body, this leaves you with a more sculpted body. The change your body undergoes through the freeze weight loss process is mainly noticeable three to four months after the procedure has been done.

Gel pads are placed on the skin above the area that is to be treated to help to ensure that the machine is not in direct contact with the body. This helps to reduce chances of damage to the skin. After the one hour session, the area that was being treated is massaged.


For each session that you attend so as to lose weight, freeze away fat by having the procedure repeated. However, the fat elimination in subsequent procedures won’t be as much as it was in the first procedure. On average, you lose 20 percent of fat for each subsequent treatment that you get. While most people go for at least two sessions, others go for three or four sessions, so as to see a major difference in their weight loss efforts.

Since the overall amount of fat lost is small, this is not a wholesome method of losing weight all over your body. It is more suited for spot reduction of body fat.

This procedure has been touted as the non surgical alternative to liposuction. The main difference being that this procedure is non invasive.

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