How Long Does Coolsculpting Results Last?

The question that most patients ask before undergoing the coolsculpting is ‘how long does coolsculpting results last? The answer is that coolsculpting acts by permanently reducing the number of fat cells in the area that is being treated. In case you add weight, the remaining fat cells in the area that was treated and the fat cells in the other parts of the body enlarge. If the fat cells in the treated area are few then the treated area will not enlarge as much as the untreated areas. Weight gain is then less noticeable in the areas that have been treated.


If you are wondering how long does Cryolipolysis results last? You need to know that you have to maintain the results that were achieved after you had undergone the procedure. You can do this by maintaining a good diet and exercise routine. Cryolipolysis freezes and kill fat cells, which the body eliminates with time, so they are gone forever. In a single session, 20% to 30% of the fat in the targeted area can be frozen. Therefore, to ensure that you get good results then you have to undergo multiple procedures. The fat cells that were frozen cannot return in the body since they are permanently removed from the body but this does not mean that you cannot gain weight.


Coolsculpting leads to permanent fat reduction in the areas that have been treated. For those who are asking ‘how long does the coolsculpting results last?’ they should know that fat freeze removal is not a weight loss method, therefore, if you put on weight, you will also gain weight in all parts of your body, including the area that was treated. It is important to know the difference between fat reduction and weight loss.


Doctors recommend that you change your lifestyle to ensure that the fat doesn’t come back. Even though the effects of fat freeze removal are permanent, the method is not instant. The treatment takes up to 40 minutes but the results are visible after 2 weeks. The full effect can be seen after 2 months because the body takes time to eliminate the fat cells from the body.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a safe and convenient way to lose weight, coolsculpting is what you need. To make the results last long, make sure that you also watch your diet and you exercise on a regular basis.

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