How Much Do You Get For Donating Plasma?

The idea of donating plasma offers a wide range of benefits. There are millions of patients who couldn’t survive without plasma-derived medicine and it is because of donors like you that such medicine is availed to patients who need it. The increasing awareness of the need for plasma donation is promising. Even though donations are still not where they should be, there is concrete progress. Taking the first step to donating plasma can change millions of lives. And that is not all, every time you donate you will make some extra money for your efforts. So how much do you get for donating plasma? The amount of money varies based on different factors but this article will analyze this for you.

How Much Do You Get For Donating Plasma?

The amount of money you get from plasma donation varies a lot based on a number of factors. The first factor and actually the most important one is where you are donating. There are established plasma collection companies today that have set up collection centers in different parts of the country. Each of these companies pays a specific rate for each donation made. However, on average, the first plasma donation will get a compensation of about $40. The second donation will attract a much higher compensation which can range between $50 and $60.

How Often Should You Donate?

When you look at the money made for each plasma donation, you may wonder how much you can take home in a month. Well, this will depend on how many times you are willing to donate. According to the FDA, plasma donations can be done twice a week. Each donation has to be separated with two days. If you are already a lifetime donor you are clear as to how much do you get for donating plasma? However, those who are new to this may not be that informed. Well, it’s just a question of doing the math. If you are allowed to donate plasma a maximum of two times in a week, then the maximum you can get is $80 a week. If you don’t want to donate twice in a week you can still pick a schedule that works best for you and earn some money donating plasma.

How Will You Get Paid?

There are so many companies these days that are simply dedicated towards plasma collection. All these companies have their way of paying for this service. However, most of the time, the payment is disbursed through a prepaid debit card. Every time you donate plasma, you will get the payment transferred to your card.  The card is going to work in many ATMs so you can go there and make the withdrawal. It’s not possible to find plasma donation centers that pay in form of cash.

What Are The Benefits Of Plasma Donation Beyond Money?

The truth is that most people who ask how much do you get for donating plasma do not do this for the money. They are interested in the greater good and that is to save lives. Just as a reminder, when you donate plasma you do not lose anything at all.  The donations are safe, they won’t take so much of your time, and you will not be in any way putting your health at risk. What you just need to do after you get paid for donating plasma is to drink lots of fluids and you will be fine. However, even though this might seem to you like a simple thing to do, for someone else who needs plasma-derived medicine it’s a matter of life and death. When you are donating plasma, don’t think of it as a way of earning money. While you will get paid, the bigger price you get is the knowledge that your pint of plasma will save a life somewhere and brings joy to a family somewhere. This is the best feeling you can have in fact, this is the main reason why people are encouraged to donate plasma,

Becoming a plasma donor is not always about how much do you get for donating plasma. It’s about saving lives and providing a lifeline for patients who really need it. Feel free to find a donation center in your state and begin changing your community and your nation with simple plasma donations.

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